My Odd Sock’s This & That

My Odd Sock’s This & That

This & That

Welcome to My Odd Sock’s This & That.

It’s a fancy-shmansy title for me just lumping together several oddball bits I’ve wanted to clear off my desk.

Let’s get started before either fatigue or my boring writing style lulls you to sleep.  (Not sure which, but my money’s on the writing!)

Cozy Toes:

Cozy ToesI saw this ad for “Therapeutic Cozy Toes.”

Apparently they help with all kinds of painful foot problems…giving “instant relief.”

Well that just dandy—if you can get them on!

I struggle pulling on a pair of socks.

How am I supposed to get each, individual Cozy Toe support strap between toes that haven’t wiggled since the Bush Administration?

The ad claims Cozy Toes are…”So soft and comfy you’ll forget you have them on.”

That’s good to know because once I get them on, there’s no way in hell I could get them off!

Before & After

What intrigues me the most about “Cozy Toes” is the definitive proof of the before and after illustrations.

BEFORE– Oww, looks like someone has painful toe cramps and a utility belt full of hammer toes.

AFTER– The problems are gone & the toes even sparkle!

May I borrow your pumice stone?
May I borrow your pumice stone?

The “Before” picture reminds me of my own foot problems.

Note the similarities.

Celebrity Who Is Who:

Next is a case of separation at birth.

One guy is Pitbull, the popular musical artist/party starter/commercial pitch man.

The other is Anthony Melchiorri, host of the Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible.”

Do you know who is who?

Anthony Melchiorri



A new hair place, SportClips, just opened in the area.

SportClips is a sports-themed salon for guys & gals who can’t seem to get enough of the game.

SportClips offers the “MVP Experience”…..

SportClips 1

Wow.  A haircut and the works!

Steamed towel, shampoo, neck & shoulder massage.

Heck, throw in a bad buffet & a lap dance and you got the Cabaret Club near the truck stop!


Here a customer enjoys his hot, steamed towel.

Either that or he’s a prisoner at Gitmo about to be waterboarded.

Not sure.


And here’s a guy getting his neck & shoulder massage.

Sorry but I would feel like a fool sitting there while someone used a Dremel on my shoulders.

“Could you drap that hot towel back over my face—I’m ashamed!”

I’m sure it’s a tremendous service.  It’s just not my cup of tea.

Just call me SportClips “Most Valuable Pigeon-head.”

That and this concludes My Odd Sock’s “This & That.”

I warned you it would be a jumbled mess of things.  (Then again, when is anything on this website not a jumbled mess!)


5 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s This & That”

  1. The good news is, with summer coming, you can wear ”Cozy Toes” with sandal’s!…..FYI, I DO know which one is Pitbull. Lol

  2. Everything was cool ’til you got to the sports cr**. This country has become a nation of sports nuts. Grown men and women being paid huge sums to play kids games!

  3. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different web
    address and thought I may as well chesck things
    out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to going ovewr youur
    weeb page repeatedly.

  4. Margaret,
    I knew YOU would know Pitbull! You party-girl vixen!

    Now you better settle down or you’ll give yourself a stroke!
    Thanks & my best to you.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts. But remember, here at My Odd Sock, the word “stumble” takes on a whole different meaning.
    Hope to hear from you again!