Top Story: Pig Virus

Top Story: Pig Virus

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There is no fat here–just the real pork.

This week, the top story concerned a mysterious virus that has slaughtered millions of baby pigs.

baby piglets

Scientists believe the virus, porcine epidemic diarrhea, has splashed its way across 27 states in the nation.

Estimates range from 2.7 million upwards to 6 million baby pigs, or piglets have died from dehydration caused by the diarrhea.

What does this mean to you, the consumer?

It means you are probably paying more bacon for your bacon.

In fact, bacon prices have risen more than 13 percent from a year ago.

That’s enough to take the sizzle from any budget.

Here at My Odd Sock, we’re taking the deadly piglet virus serious.

Quit your swhining, Piglet!
Quit your swhining, Piglet!

We have quarantined Piglet from the herd and have been providing round the clock care.

Checking his temperature regularly.

“B-b-but I d-d–don’t f-feel s-s-sick,” Piglet said in his whiney stutter.

A boogery pig nose.
A boogery pig nose.

We explained our actions for his own good.

Now take your medicine!
Now take your medicine!

The My Odd Sock corporate chef, ah, I mean physician, even prescribed an oral medication pictured here.

Piglet also enjoys the marinating soaks in the tub using the same sauce, er, medicine.

We’ll keep our knives & forks crossed for Piglet’s continued good health.  It should be a delicious Easter holiday!


3 Replies to “Top Story: Pig Virus”

  1. As always I am watching for conspiracies. Could this be a joining of forces between our Jewish and Islamic neighbors to stop the consumption of pork? Let’s hope it is just an excuse to raise prices and not some dark force trying to keep Dad’s everywhere from bringing home the bacon!

  2. Kerri & Bob,

    Leave it up to you two for explanations. That’s why I like you guys, you’re problem solvers.