Would You Or Wouldn’t You?

Would You Or Wouldn’t You?


Medical marijuana is today’s big health debate.

Experts struggle over the treatment benefits.

States grapple with legality issues.

While our representatives in D.C. fuss over their reelection campaigns.

Fourteen states already offer medical marijuana as a viable treatment option for numerous medical conditions, including MS.

Meanwhile, other states are working to put the issue before the voters (My state, Ohio,  is included).

Marijuana leaf

MSers using medical marijuana have noticed improvements in spasticity, chronic pain, depression, numbness, tremors and fatigue.

And some studies conclude medical marijuana may even slow the neurodegeneration of multiple sclerosis.

Cheech & Chong

Cheech & Chong?

They’re the old 70’s joke of marijuana.

But who’s laughing now?

Heck, Native Americans have used pot for generations.  (Never see one of them in the westerns using a rollator!)

It may finally end up as your own personal decision whether to use marijuana to treat your MS.

So the question you gotta ask is……

Would you or Wouldn’t you?


Often I think about the toll my medications have taken on my body.

Whether it’s the shots I’ve jabbed over the years…The steroid drips I’ve endured…Or the baclofen I swallow daily.

Certainly, the natural chemicals found in marijuana couldn’t be any worse than those chems concocted in a lab at Big Pharm!


My biggest hang-up with medical MJ (Not Michael Jordan) is the smoking.

Being a former runner, I have never and couldn’t bear to put something to my mouth to inhale.  It’s a weird thing, I know.

Maybe if the medical compounds of marijuana were available in a pill form (they may be already!), I would consider it.  I’m torn.

How about you?  What are your feelings on this issue?

Would you try marijuana as a treatment for your MS?

Have you used it?  And did it help?

As we plot our course of action in the fight against MS, sometimes the best choice may be the one growing right in front of our faces.

Let the debate continue.


8 Replies to “Would You Or Wouldn’t You?”

  1. Medical marijuana is legal here in Canada. You can smoke it or vaporise it, if you have a docs prescription. Vaporising is said to cut down on the harshness of the smoke. I looked at the pros and cons, and decided I don’t want to use it. I never liked being “stoned” as a teen when I tried it, so I don’t expect I would like it now at my ripe old age.

    Sativex (Tetrahydrocannabinol – cannabidiol)is a prescription drug available in Canada as well. It’s a spray for the mouth. It is sprayed under the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks.I expect one would still feel stoned, so I nixed that as well.

  2. I know there are other ways to take MJ than smoking it. I live in NJ, where it’s legal, but there are no dispensaries in the southern end of the state. I don’t think I’d take it, anyway. I’ve always been a “Just say no” person, and I don’t have the ailments the weed is supposed to help. Maybe you could find a grass brownie recipe.

  3. Since I’m not interested in smoking it or eating it, I’d be open to another form, too. There is a sublingual spray containing CBD and THC called Sativa, but it hasn’t been approved in the US yet. I would consider using that. Of course, once it is FDA-approved and recommended as an MS therapy, it will be priced way above what my budget can bear.

  4. Not legal here in Florida. However, I was talking to a MSer at a support meeting years ago who swore by MJ, and offered to hook me up with his dealer. I declined the offer. I too, could not inhale smoke. However, I do like brownies, and would maybe try MJ in food, or pill form. I’m at the point, that I will give anything a try, if there was a chance to improve my quality of life.

  5. You can get it in pill form. Or take it and do the old bake it into something. I know someone who gets their medical mj in pill form for just the same reason-they don’t want to smoke, thinking the smoke causes too many problems.

  6. Sapphire,
    Thank you for the insight. I never thought about baking it in something–maybe a nice meatloaf? Mmm!

  7. Good news My Odd Sock! Someone told me about marijuana candy! Yep, it’s true, it is kind of like a tootsie roll but made with ganja and gets you just as high. None of it if for me personally, as fatigue and cognitive difficulties are my worse issues and I can’t see the old leaf helping with those at all. Plus, I don’t like tootsie rolls. But thought I would share this helpful tidbit with those who are interested. Perhaps this is the candy that should be handed out at the MS Halloween party?