2nd Annual My Odd Sock Back-To-School Shopping Guide

2nd Annual My Odd Sock Back-To-School Shopping Guide

Back to school

For the second year in a row, My Odd Sock presents the worst of the worst in back-to-school products.

The ridiculous.

The stupid.

The “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Let’s go shopping to see what we’re missing…..

BBB GoGo Pillow

Bed Bath & Beyond (my favorite store) checks in with the “GoGo Pillow.”

The ad tells us the GoGo Pillow…”securely holds any tablet.”

And from the picture, we can see just that.

The ad continues…”Plush, multifunctional pillow.”

Being “multifunctional,” I wonder what else this gem can do?

It’s a pillow.  And it can hold a tablet.  Beyond that, I’m curious.

Actually, it would make a terrible pillow.  Because if I fall asleep on my GoGo Pillow, I’ll drool on my tablet and ruin both!

It looks like a bad idea.  Something I can do without.

Kmart Computer paper

Printer paper.

Now you’re talking!  All students need printer paper.

Especially the kind labeled as “multipurpose.”

Unfortunately, from the picture, I don’t think using it to make paper airplanes is the BEST way to promote its usefulness!

Note to self (using the sticky note cube): Unless you are studying aeronautical engineering, do not use printer paper to make paper airplanes!

Parade Mag

Parade Magazine offered up its own back to school must haves including this “retro” bulletin board.

Retro for who?….the kid?…or the author?

Kids today aren’t familiar with a boom box, much less a cassette player!

Hey, here’s an idea.  With so many senior citizens returning to school, why not make a retro Victrola bulletin board?

Dumb product all the way around.





This is not good.

WAY too soon.

After the Trayvon Martin fiasco, I don’t want to see ANY kid wearing a hoodie.  Especially an African-American!

Remember, George Zimmerman is out there.  And he still has a gun!

Kohl's t-shirts

Kohl’s is having a sale on graphic tees for teen girls.

Graphic all right!  “I (heart) Mustaches?”

Are you kidding me?

They better be talking about Grandma’s mustache!

Thanks Kohls, by wearing this shirt you’ve attracted the attention of every sexual predator out there!

What parent would buy this crap for their daughter?  And what t-shirt designer thinks this would be a big seller?

Heck, even the guys from “Duck Dynasty” hate this shirt.

I just don’t understand fashion.  Let’s move on.

Meijer adFinally, we have this from Meijer.

The ad says…

“It’s time to stock their dorm rooms with essentials…”

Let’s see what Meijer considers as “essential.”

Emetrol- Nausea relief.

Viactiv- Calcium supplement.

Lice Shield- Repels head lice.

halo- Oral spray germ killer.

Arnicare- Muscle aches & pain.

Ocean Complete- Sinus irrigation system.

Desenex- Athlete’s foot.

Joint Flex- Pain relieving cream.

Nix- More lice treatment.

Oscillococcinum- Relieves flu-like symptoms.

And that’s just a few of the items!

My God, if I saw someone hauling in all this stuff, I would request a new roommate!  Better yet, a transfer to a different university.  Out of state!

Who is this person…the boy in the bubble?

I know germophobs who aren’t this extreme.

It would be easier if this poor soul just wore a Haz-Mat suit.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my shoping cart is brimming with back-to-school items I don’t need.

Time to hit the register.

See you on the first day of classes!


3 Replies to “2nd Annual My Odd Sock Back-To-School Shopping Guide”

  1. That’s funny stuff. Loved it. I have really enjoyed a look back at some of your previous posts. I am still smiling thinking about them. I can really relate to that shoe thing. Heaven help me when my worn out pair of “gliding” shoes finally wear out. My leg weakness and foot drop already make me an accident waiting to happen – the last thing I need is new shoes with gripping soles to keep me glued to the floor.

  2. Rae,
    Thank you for your kind words and visiting My Odd Sock.
    Your appointment with a shrink will be arranged shortly.

  3. Good stuff! I still have the photos from when I was a wee lass, wearing the “I LOVE BACK HAIR” tee shirt my parents bought me for my 10th birthday. Ah, memories…and the incredible and mature boyfriends I got!