Your Go-To Feel-Good Song

Your Go-To Feel-Good Song

Musical notes

MS or not, each of us has our share of good days and bad.

When in the middle of a bad day, the dark clouds seem to swirl around your head…bringing you down like water draining in a bathtub (minus the hair & soap scum).

To avoid getting sucked down the drain of despair, folks do many different things to pick up their mood.

My favorite way to lift the spirits is by listening to music (Not wearing pants is a close second).

The right song puts me in a good place, mentally & physically.

The 8-Track in my Honda Fit.
The 8-Track in my Honda Fit.

I call’em my “go-to feel-good songs.”

A can’t miss mix of tuneage that gets my fingers drumming and my “moose caught in a meat grinder” voice wailing.

I’ll share a few of my go-to feel-good songs with you…and later ask you to do the same.


My absolute top song has to be “Beautiful Day” by the band U2.

Lead singer, Bono (No relation to Sonny), sees the world through rose-colored glasses.  (That explains why he always wear those goofy tinted shades.)  He has said “Beautiful Day” is a song “about a man who has lost everything, but finds joy in what he still has.”  (Hmm, sounds like MS.)

When I was working, I started each day by listening to this song.  It is a guaranteed mood lifter.  Check it out.

NOT the greeter at WalMart.
NOT the greeter at WalMart.

Bob Seger’s “Hollywood Nights” also gets me going.

This ol’ dude rasps his way through the song with a driving beat that promises to get you tapping your toes (Either that or it is my leg spasms).

(Bob needs to go to Dental Works)

Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al

My last go-to feel-good song has to be Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al.”

You may remember the video with Chevy Chase.

“You Can Call Me Al” is a funky tune with a bass rift that dances throughout.

A person can’t be in a bad mood while listening to this song–it is just too fun!

Now it’s your turn.

What songs turn your frown upside down?

Tell me in a comment so we can all share’em.  (Where’s the deal from Columbia House when you need it.)

When you are having a bad day, or you just don’t feel so great—relief may come as easy as listening to your go-to feel-good song.

The old adage says “music soothes the savage beast.”  I assume MS is my savage beast.  It could be yours as well.

So crank it up and let’s get happy.


3 Replies to “Your Go-To Feel-Good Song”

  1. First: WTH happened to Bob Seger??? Good lord, it’s disturbing when famous people get, you know, old and wrinkly.

    I love love love “Space Age Love Song” by A Flock of Seagulls. Agree w/ “Beautiful Day.” More recently, I like “Everybody Talks” and “Animal” by Neon Trees. (See, I’m cool; I listen to things from this century too!)

  2. Ms. Cranky,
    You don’t have to tell us you are cool–we already know.
    Thanks for sharing your songs.

  3. Great post and question, Doug! Jennifer and I each have our favorite go-to songs: Jennifer goes to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” and I (predictably) go to Bruce Springsteen. More specific? Oh, well, that’s a little more difficult to define, ya know? But if I must single one out today, you never can go wrong with “Out in the Street.” (But, to follow Ms. CrankyPants’ lead with more recent selections, Jennifer and I are digging Train’s “California 37.” Thanks for the post 🙂