MS Fact Or Fiction

MS Fact Or Fiction


Like any disease, multiple sclerosis has its share of misinformation being circulated by word of mouth or via the Internet.

While many, more credible sources, word to dispel the major myths of MS, here at My Odd Sock, we are busy clearing away the lesser known hearsay of our disease.

With that, we present “MS Fact Or Fiction”……

Fact or Fiction: A Sharps container makes a wonderfully, decorative floral decanter.


Fiction. The intended use of a Sharps container is for the disposal of inject-able materials ONLY.  The container’s small opening makes it difficult to display any floral bouquets, even dried arrangements.

Fact Or Fiction: It is easier to get a disabled parking placard than it is to find a disabled parking space.


Fact. Man, at least it seems that way!  Everybody has a placard these days!

Fact Or Fiction: You will need a new prescription refill when your doctor is out of town.


Fiction. Though this may occur, many prescription services work well in advance, so the patient is rarely inconvenienced.

Fact Of Fiction: Sticky Notes were created by someone with multiple sclerosis.


Fiction. Yes, one may think so as many of us with MS have the memory of a gnat.  Sticky notes are a quick & handy way to help MSers remember important stuff.

Fact Or Fiction: During summer days, a cooling vest helps an MSer manage the heat AND is a great place to keep one’s lunch.


Fact. Multi-tasking is a good thing.

And if your cooling vest has an extra pocket—don’t forget a beverage.  It is important to stay hydrated when one has MS.

Fact Or Fiction: Being a member of the National MS Society gets you a ten percent discount at Kohls.


Fiction. Many people confuse this benefit with their membership to Triple A.

Fact Or Fiction: High heels make it impossible to wear an AFO.


Fact. I am not aware of this personally (at least what I would admit publicly).  This is what I have been told by females and transgender patients with MS.

Fact Or Fiction: When scratching an MSer’s back, the MSer’s leg may shake like a dog.  This means you have found the MSer’s “itchy spot.”


Fiction. Though the person with MS may be enjoying his or her back being scratched (who doesn’t!), the involuntary leg movement is probably due to MS-related leg spasms or tremors.

Hopefully this essay will help to clarify some of the myths associated with multiple sclerosis.

Our work here will never end till a cure is found.

Thank you.


3 Replies to “MS Fact Or Fiction”

  1. Well, most of them I hadn’t heard before! The placard one hit a nerve [lol] though, because here in NJ, they plan to start prosecuting those who use the placards illegally. I see so much of it, especially at my mother’s nursing home. Able-bodied relatives use the resident’s placard to get a better parking space.

  2. Fact or Fiction – Jack Osbourne, who was recently diagnosed with MS, was just chosen to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

    Fact – Note to Jack. Lay off the Baclofen. The spasticity will help you shake your booty.

  3. Man, you must have a bitchen cool vest. Mine has no pockets (apart from the 45 used for ice packs). Unless…hey – I COULD cram a PB&J in one of those pockets. And maybe a Capri Sun! Thanks, Sock!