My Odd Sock #300

My Odd Sock #300



Bow tie


Welcome to a very special My Odd Sock!



Who would have guessed when this dimly-lit, waste of Internet band-width first posted back in July of ’09, it would still be around 300 posts later!

Yes, this is My Odd Sock’s 300th Celebration Retrospect!…a look back at the best (and mostly worst) of lame humor and hideous sentence structure.


awards audience




Wow, the seats are full…bladders are empty…and the doors are locked as we step back in My Odd Sock memories…..




MS giving me the finger.
MS giving me the finger.


From the post “Me & My (MS) Shadow,  here is My Odd Sock’s MS flipping the bird.

Naughty disease.

Someone outta wash its lesions out with soap!




My gams have splinters.
My gams have splinters.



We learned about My Odd Sock’s battles with spasticity.


Look, he’s got cankles!



Bin Laden death photo
Bin Laden death photo



My Odd Sock was the firstto publish a photo of the late Osama Bin Laden.


Well at least we thought it was Bin Laden. 

Turned out to be a turkey sandwich!






Dramatization.  No grass was killed in the taking of this picture.
Dramatization. No grass was killed in the taking of this picture.


We were privy to learn how Odd Sock peed in his backyard.


(Hey when you are too far from the bathroom & duty calls—you do your best!)







In a post titled “Odds & Ends,” we realized there must be some very small criminals in the neighborhood.



Apparently, Tom Thumb is on a crime spree!




MS, one cool disease
MS, one cool disease



In “Q&A With MS,” Odd Sock grilled the elusive multiple sclerosis in a no-holds barred one-on-one interview.






…We also learned what My Odd Sock keepsunder the seat of his rollator.





Being mauled by a polar bear.
Being mauled by a polar bear.



“A Day At The Zoo,” followed Odd Sock when he fell into the polar bear enclosure.


Do NOT feed the animals!




Holy crap!
Holy crap!



And here, Odd Sock is seen being blasted from a cannon while touring a castle in the post “My Odd Sock Vacation Photos.”







Phew, 300 posts and we haven’t been shut down—or hit by a government drone.  So I guess that means we’ll continue to make fun of life with MS…and point out the absurdities of the world around us.


Here’s to another 300?  Dear God, spare us.  Where is a good electrical storm when you need one!

Anyway, thank you for joining me on this jestful journey.


8 Replies to “My Odd Sock #300”

  1. Congrats on hitting 300! Love your peeing-in-yard reenactment and the cankles, BTW. Good stuff. Looking forward to 300 more (okay, to be honest, looking forward to probably a good 118 of them)!


    Ms. C-P

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! I’m hoping you’ll be around to set some really big numbers like I have had ms for just over 15,000 days. I hope we all out live this b***h before you run out of blogs.

    The old guy – Bob

  3. Great to see this celebratory post on and by My Odd Sock! Happy 300th, old boy, and best wishes for more than 300 more!