Morning Jitters

Morning Jitters



Are you tired of the same-old same-old morning cup of coffee & glass of juice?

Do you wish you could start your day with a beverage that combines the caffeine of coffee, the vitamins of juice and the sugary goodness of a Mountain Dew?

Hmmm, me too.




Well perk-up mopey Mike & dozy Doris as beginning Monday, PepsiCo introduces a sleepy America to Kickstart, the new Mountain Dew breakfast drink!


Yep, PepsiCo says “Kickstart combines the great taste of Mountain Dew with real fruit juice and just the right amount of kick (caffeine) to start your day.”




That’s right!  Kickstart boasts “real fruit juice” as in a whopping five percent real.  That’s almost as much as you get sucking on a whole orange peel!  (I understand the “five”…it’s the other 95 percent I worry about!)

And because the Mountain Dew breakfast drink contains significantly less caffeine than Monster or Red Bull, it will not be labeled as an energy drink.  (In other words, consumers have a reduced risk of going postal on co-workers or their families!)


Lee Ann Rhimes


So how does Kickstart taste?

Don’t ask country-music super star Leann Rimes.  She always look like she has eaten something sour!



Pope Benedict



Existing Pope Benedict threw his arms up in frustration at the announcement, wishing he had known about Kickstart sooner.

“I would have rescinded my quest of resignation,” the Pontiff stated.




Kickstart dudeOn the other hand, rad, young professionals like this dude love Kickstart.

From a hectic morning of Medal of Honor on the Xbox…through a bogus afternoon of work at the mall Kiosk…to a shredding night at the skate park, this backward hat wearing guy is on top of his bitchin game, courtesy of Mountain Dew’s Kickstart.



So don’t just start your day…Kickstart it with the “ultimate morning pick-me-up that satisfies all day long.”

Available in your local retail stores beginning February 25th.


Are you ready for a “Kickstart?”

I think I’ll sleep in.


4 Replies to “Morning Jitters”

  1. I’m super kickstarted just READING about it! Hooray! I will throw away that coffee I just made and imagine how rad I, too, will be while drinking this bitchen beverage. Why, oh, why do I have to wait 2 more agonizing days???

  2. I think I’ll pass on this. Too much caffeine and my heart flutters. I worry about these kinds of drinks with kids. Let us know if you succumb to the temptation!