On The Double

On The Double



double play



In baseball, we have the double play.




double dip



There’s the double dip ice cream cone.




Dubble Bubble Gum 



We have my favorite gum “Dubble Bubble.”






And today, My Odd Sock “gimps” with…..

A striking pair of mobility aids!
A striking pair of mobility aids!



….double canes!






“What did you do while you were gone?” some ask.

Nope, no fancy vacation for me….that is, unless you count a trip to the neighborhood looney bin, aka Wal-Mart, to purchase a new pair of walking sticks!


For several years I have gotten by using one cane.  But more often than not one cane wasn’t enough.  I was using a cane in one hand and wall-walking with the other.  In absence of a wall, some one’s shoulder worked well too (especially if they were cute!).  But being an independent cuss, as most of us MSers are, I find it hard to swallow my pride and ask for a hand (or a shoulder in this case).


“You need a rollator.”

“Think about using a rollator.”

I heard that again & again–like a broken record.  And I resisted it like a child turns away from veggies.

I have a rollator.  And quite frankly, using it scares the heck out of me!  I tend to lean on it as you would a shopping cart and it goes out from under me.

Downhills with a rollator can be an S.O.B.  I was grinding the brakes harder than a 18-wheeler coming down Pikes Peak!

And a rollator is just too big to maneuver through my humble abode.  (Try pushing a wheelbarrow through the narrow aisles of your local Kohl’s store.  It can’t be done.)


Hearts a fire!  It's "Love Mobility Style."
Hearts a fire! It's "Love Mobility Style."



Double canes made the most sense to me.

I am better balanced.  More upright.  With improved body control.  (The bladder is a whole nother subject.)

I just feel safer using two canes.



What's up with the string?
What's up with the string?


When I got my new canes, the first thing I had to do perform a “strapectomy”–removing the shoelace loop that hangs out the end. 

What purpose does this thing serve?

No one puts their hand through the loop.  It just dangles.

It a cane, not a friggin ski pole.  “Off with it!” I bellow.



four leg robot

Using two canes, the only thing is getting use to walking as a “quad” instead of as a “biped.”

Walking seemed robotic as first.

But later it came more natural.  Even fluid (if compared to a wounded moose)!  I went to the local high school track and walked half a lap.  (Granted, glaciers flow faster–but I did it.)



Have you made a recent change in your use of mobility-aids?

How has it worked for you?


Although we share the same diagnosis, we can make different choices to help us move about.

My Odd Sock's family portrait.
My Odd Sock's family portrait.


It’s just a matter of personal preference.


As for me, double canes are a welcome addition to my mobility-aid family.











7 Replies to “On The Double”

  1. Call me weird, but I actually do use the strap on my cane sometimes. If there’s no place to hang my cane at the checkout, I wear it on my wrist so it doesn’t fall on the ground. Or if I carry a McDonald’s iced mocha in one hand and a bag of food in the other from the car to the house, I let the cane dangle from my wrist since I can walk without it for a short distance.

    How do you manage carrying stuff using two canes?

  2. So I take back all the stuff I said about the strap—it DOES come in handy!

    Carrying stuff with two canes is fun. I am perfecting the technique of walking with two canes in one hand…or else I’ll just use the one cane. If I had a strap I could hang it from my wrist, right?

  3. My mobility aid family is growing. I can still manage most times with one cane, but since a cane is now part of my daily attire, I must have one to match every outfit!

  4. Im happy your back, good job walking the track. I dont use a cane, but this is good info .walking is hard, i am a yoga freak, not by choice, but it helps me w balance. I need a couch launcher, something to get me moving when the fatigue melts me like a grill cheesee into the coucch. 🙂

  5. Thanks Olivia!
    I’ve always wanted to try yoga but never have. Need to get off my lazy duff!

  6. This is the exact reason bi-lateral (aka Canadian) crutches were made. They help you walk more even, supported, and safely. This is a good first attempt with these…only difference with the Canadian is the handle and arm brace to help keep them in a better position, like a locked extension of the arm. No mater what you do, glad to hear you’re keeping safety in mind.