Remembering When…

Remembering When…

Why not remember this My Odd Sock once again?  I saved it just for this occasion.  Enjoy! 




Ah yes, memories.  The cornerstone of our minds.

I feel like singing, but I’ll spare you as my singing voice resembles a cat in a fan.

My voice is flatter than Kansas!


As humans, we often save items we hold dear—preserving memories of childhood, special times and cherished moments.

But while flipping through a magazine recently, I stumbled upon the most ridiculous example of  this behavior.



Pictured in an ad for e.p.t. (Early Pregnancy Test) is a loving mother cuddling her adorable baby.

The headline copy says….”Remember the moment you knew.”


What?  Really?

Reading further, by completing the mail-in certificate and accompanied by a register receipt, you will receive a free keepsake pouch to…..”save your stick.”


Do you really want to save something you peed on?

(I hope the bag is waterproof!)


Have we taken this “preserving memories” a bit too far?

Why not save the wine bottles from the night before?  Or, couples with fertility problems might save the specimen cup.

Why not?


Heck, I’m no better.  I saved my son’s belly button when it fell out!  Seriously, I did!

Belly button or raisin?
Belly button or raisin?



About a year later I found it in a drawer.  All dried & shriveled up.  I thought it was silly to keep, so I pitched it.

Now I think of it everyday when enjoying my breakfast!




babysitter pic (2)



And really my mom was no different because there in my baby book is the article detailing when I killed my babysitter.



Oh yeah, true story!  Read on.



I was the first criminal profiled on “America’s Most Wanted” to wear diapers!



Maybe we save this stuff because time flies so damn fast.


It gives us something to hold to keep from spinning out of control.


So go on, save your pregnancy tests.  Save those belly-buttons.

Save your rap sheets.

You are human.  And soon to be star of the next episode of A&E’s “Hoarders!”







9 Replies to “Remembering When…”

  1. From now on when someone complains about things I save, don’t worry you will not be seeing me on the show “Hoarders”, I’m gonna mention at least I don’t have my E.P.T. stick.

    I’m so glad I read about your website in “Momentum Magazine”. you write what I think about.

  2. Margaret,

    Keep saving your stuff–I won’t complain.

    In regards to your comment “You write what I think about”….Maybe you should see a doctor about that!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Just gave away National Geographics from 1963-1966 on Craigs List. Research convinced me they were not worth anything.

    Will definately keep reading!

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  5. I don’t know what made me laugh harder, the shriveled navel-versus-raisin dilemma, your infantile crime spree–or that last 2010 post by Oltmanns! OMG! I’m completely undone. How can I possibly hold my urine now?

    I won’t get this one out of my head for the rest of the day!

  6. Kim,

    Please keep your urine contained.

    I must admit I didn’t understand your mention of the “Oltmann’s”, till I went back to read old comments. Yes, that was obviously a spammed comment that I thought was so ridiculous I had to “approve” it!

    My babysitter was the first victim of my crime spree. I encourage you to read my full rap sheet profiled in an old post titled “Welcome To My Death Ray.”

    Always appreciate your comments!

  7. Doug, I read the “Death Ray” blog, LOL at the Nancy Reagan quote 🙂

    My high school crush’s father was also a dentist and he committed suicide when we were in 9th grade. There is a high suicide rate among dentists, however. The guy who removed my wisdom teeth was named Dr. Fear! He’s still alive, though–just.

    Nine years ago, I went out with that same high school crush–and immediately afterwards he joined a monastery and became a monk! I’m trying not to take that personally…