Things I Miss

Things I Miss


Please enjoy this retread My Odd Sock.  (I enjoyed reading it for a second time–and I wrote it!)




I love lists.  I love to read lists.  Give me a list of the top ten reasons to do whatever and I am as engaged as a dog staring at something shiny.


I also like to create lists…shopping lists, to-do lists, Christmas lists and so on.



Creating a list ranks high on my list of activities.  See the graph below…..


Items ranked in percentage of likeability
Items ranked in percentage of likeability


Since having multiple sclerosis for a good portion of my life, I thought it would be fitting to compile a list of things I miss most since being formally introduced to this disease.

So, I present to you……


Things I miss….


Running  I miss running most of all.  Running in a freshly fallen snow.  I cried while watching my son as he ran on the Cross-Country team last fall.  It was beautiful, and I wanting to stride along beside him.


Walking across the yard to the neighbors.   Me walking on grass is a sight to behold.


holding hands


Holding hands while walking.  Hard to hold hands when you have crutches, canes, rollators & wheelchairs.




Standing to pee.   Need I explain?


Using a knife & fork without looking like a caveman.  Hard to grasp.


Climbing stairs without lifting each leg.


Buttoning a button-down shirt.  Fumble fingers make playing dress-up difficult.


Doing two things at once.   Gone





Laying still.   Without a tremor or spasm.





Unfastening my pants before I begin going.  No explanation required.


Things I miss cont…


Being on top of the food chain.  I’ve slipped on this list because I am unable to outrun a predator.


Opening a bag/box without the use of a sharp instrument.


Confidence in walking with sharp instrument from drawer to bag/box.


G I Joe


Bending my knees without thinking.   I move like an old G.I. Joe doll.



Getting up from a seat without the “Six Second System Check” time delay.   My mojo is as hard to start as a Dodge Rambler.


Enjoying thick, plush carpeting, instead of dreading it.


The time in my life when I thought it was cute my foot & leg could “bounce” seemingly forever by itself.  Great party trick.


More Things I miss…


Having room in my trunk for tools instead of mobility aids.


The days when “doing a shot” meant something completely different.


The days when I stumbled because I did “too many shots!”




When I only thought of MS as the abbreviation for Mississippi.



Being too busy to create these stupid lists!



Would you like to add something to the list of things we miss? 

Please go ahead and share your comments.

I’m sure I forgot something—I have MS, you know!



16 Replies to “Things I Miss”

  1. 😐 I understand your lists completely. I also have so many calendars and to do lists spread throughout our home, it’s laughable.

  2. I am a compulsive list maker. I make lists to make lists. My favorite is color-coordinating 5 x 8 index cards and Post- a- Notes. My Doctors are at the point now they take my lists from me at each appointment, check each item off, and write down answers to the question. Others may find this silly, but I never forget anything, and my lists are organized. It makes no sense to make a list, if you can’t find it.I think this came about because prior to my MS cognitive issues getting worse, my Mother would tell me I organize to organize. I can’t help it, and have had to “step up my game” to stay on top of things. Oh, and the thing I miss most, Driving. I miss not being able to go where I want, when I want, and having to ask someone to pick me up an occasional food craving. I could go on and on, but gotta go make a grocery list. :o)

  3. There are so many things which are laughable for persons without MS, if they were not so sad for those who have edured the trials and tribulations which MS can bring to one’s life.

    Anything that helps me smile and laugh is a welcome bonus!

  4. Taking a quick shower, without dropping the new bar of soap several times. Dam, that water makes the soap slippery. The more I think of it, just doing anything quick!

    One thing I’ve learned to do is not unbutton the button-down shirts, just unbutton the top one and pull it over your head. They’re only for show anyway.

  5. I miss not having post it notes all over the house with chicken scratch writing (cause MS has taken my writing skills) reminding me of EVERYTHING.

  6. Donna,

    Your heartfelt comment hit home.

    We can all relate. I suppose at least we have our memories, right?

    Many thanks for your input. Much appreciated!

    My Odd Sock

  7. I understand your list. My husband has M.S. and is having a hard time feeling like a man. Things he was able to do before…has been taken away. God only gives you what you can handle. God has never promised that nothing bad would happen,but has promised to be there for you when they do.

  8. I miss dancing and high heels. And running…or walking without looking like I’m drunk. I miss driving because there goes the independence. And so much more but you know how that goes. I am also a list maker. If I don’t write it down I won’t remember it 90% of the time. It helps keep you at least semi-organized. I love your thoughts!

  9. I made a list today 😉 my brain got so scrambled up with the new neuro and big giant building. Thank you for sharing your blog, it makes me laugh out loud!!! I also laughed really hard at the Adams Sandler twin movie, you should check it out, ridiculous but great bathroom humor.

  10. Re-reading this blog, and seeing that I had previously commented, I was thinking, it’s true, “you don’t realize what you’ve got til it’s gone”. While I do miss the independence of walking and driving, I also miss working, cleaning my house, and yard work. REALLY. I used to complain when I had to do any of these things. I miss “spring cleaning”, planting flowers in my yard, and complaining about my job, counting the days to retirement. I was able to retire after 31 years, but my goal was 35 years. Now that I have retired, I have all this free time, and am unable to do any of the things on my “bucket list”. 🙁

  11. Margaret it’s as though we have twin brains! Though I can still walk and drive, I, too, miss all the things you’ve described. And now that spring is upon us, I’m whining big time about not being able to garden, clean out the beds, do housework and spring cleaning. Indeed, the things I used to hate I now miss–because it is no longer a choice, I’m thinking.

    Lists, yes, if I didn’t make a grocery list, a to-do list, a detailed list of my monthly bills to pay each month, I’d be starving and roaming the streets in a psychotic haze, lol.

  12. Kim, I am glad to know that someone is thinking the same as me. Also, if you are like me, you appreciate the help with things we can no longer do, even if deep inside we are thinking, “I like the way I used to do it better”.

  13. Things I miss:
    going to the beach as in “Jersey shore”, in the summer. walking into the surf, swiming, stnding up and walking back to my towel. I can do it, sort of, now, with help of beach wheelchair some thoughtful towns provide. Otherwise, when I’m done with my dip, and am on my hands and knees in shallows, peoplecome over to help. I thnk I ust lok like one of those disoriented sea lions or whales, who get washed ashore and folks try to help them back into the water.