Key(ring) To Savings

Key(ring) To Savings

“Shopping” for a humor post, I saw this oldie and thought a “return” visit would be nice.




It started with one.

For me, the first one was a stroke of genius!  What a novel idea….and a convenient way for me to accumulate and build a valuable cache of bonus-reward-perk-advantage points!

Then I got a second.  Then a third.  And a fourth.  Fifth.  Sixth. 

I’m up to a dozen now and still counting!


I’m talking about those little plastic shopping tags that retailers now beg me to dangle from my keychain.

My Odd Sock's ridiculous keyring
My Odd Sock's ridiculous keyring


Do I need a tag from EVERY single store I frequent?

I have them from gas stations, grocery stores, sporting goods stores, card shops, auto parts stores, even a major university!

They each have catchy names like “savings passport,” “advantage card,” “bonus card,” and “plus shopper’s card.”

Some stores like to include the word “reward” within the name of their tag.  I have “speedy rewards,” “reward zone,” crown rewards,” and “auto zone rewards.”  (I’m still waiting for my “rewards” to arrive!)

I even have tags called “score card” and “wild card.”  (I keep those two together for crazy weekends…and no, they are NOT from a gentleman’s club.)


Shop & save moron!
Shop & save moron!


My keyring consists of four keys, one of which I have no idea what it’s for…..and twelve shopping tags.

I swear these tags have multiplied like rabbits.  They outgrow the weeds in my flowerbeds!


I look like a shop-a-holic janitor.


I don’t know why I carry these things around, or use them…I’m still waiting for the advantageous rewards I’ve earned.


Honestly, the best perk of these tags on my keyring is having so many handy-dandy toothpicks at my fingertips!

Looks like Shark Week!
Looks like Shark Week!

Fast-food burger stuck between your teeth?  No problem when you have an “advantage card!”

Maybe THAT’S my reward!


Shopping tags were a great marketing idea in the day.  But that sale was over long ago.

How do you deal with this daunting problem?

Shop well my friend.


5 Replies to “Key(ring) To Savings”

  1. I love my speedyrewards card…and all the free coffee I have received. And my reward zone that is building up for my future pc purchase. And the giant eagle and cvs ones that I never flipping used…or the 10 others that I have. I only want ONE! Damn them all. 🙂

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  3. I almost never carry them & when I do it’s never for the store I’m shopping in that day. A lot of stores (CVS is one) just have you give your telephone #. Otherwise I just have them scan the generic one at the register.

    One time I asked the person ahead of me in line to scan hers for me. She did & then left. Wouldn’t you just know that her reward came spitting out in the form of a coupon for a free turkey or something. I sort of recognized her from around town (it’s a small one) so then I had to go to her house to drop it off.

    I wish they’d just abolish those pesky things.

  4. Mine function as “grabbers” that make it easier to pull my keys out of the depths of my purse with my numb, weak, fumbling fingers. My reward is that I get to start my car.