Me & My (MS) Shadow

Me & My (MS) Shadow


Enjoy this encore My Odd Sock from a couple of years ago!



A recent spell of sunshine forced me outdoors to air things out, so to speak.

The welcome sun will do that to you after a long winter!

The warm rays felt good on my pale hide.  While the stark brightness burned my eyes (I’ve heard something about how you shouldn’t look directly at the sun!). 

The glare caused me to look down, where standing beside me was my shadow.  Not just the ordinary shadow of my Greek God-like physique (Yeah, right!). 

But there on my concrete driveway…I saw the shadow of Multiple Sclerosis.

Me & my MS
Me & my MS


I would recognize that image anywhere!  There’s my cane!…..And I see myself…huddled in my perpetual “poop stoop.”  (Slightly hunched—like you gotta go potty.)  Well, I think my MS put me in that posture–unless I really concentrate to stand tall!


Damn MS.  It’s always there.

Always closeby to remind me of its presence.


Giving MS the finger
Giving MS the finger



And no matter what I do to it……MS does the same right back at me.


Copycat Bastard.




I hate how MS calls the shots in my life.  I’ll be having a good time when I feel a tap on my shoulder….

MS-      “Having fun?”

Me-      “Yeah!”

MS-      “Time to quit.”

Me-      “But I don’t want to quit!”

MS-      “Yes you do.  You’re tired.  Let’s go.”

Me-      “Awww!”


Mocking my MS
Mocking my MS



…So I try to make fun of it.





The sun shines everyday.

What kind of shadow will you make?


The Funny Meter
The Funny Meter


Ah, too late Funny Meter!

Rules are when you see the little Odd Sock that means the post is over.  I’m done.  You’re too late.

You should be quicker on the switch!  Something broken?  What, are you made by Toyota?

sockThe end.  Really.



5 Replies to “Me & My (MS) Shadow”

  1. I don’t look at my shadow, but I do look at my reflection in a store front window and ask myself, ” do I look fat in this wheelchair?”. 🙂

  2. LOL, Margaret and Sharon!

    I look at my reflection in windows, too, note my stooped posture and try to straighten up and suck in my gut. It works for about a minute–and that’s a long time, as you all well know, lol.