Letter To Dad

Letter To Dad


In this post, My Odd Sock writes a letter to his Dad…or “Dude”… as he was nicknamed by me many years ago.

Here is what the letter said…..


Print?  What, no cursive?
Print? What, no cursive?


Dear Dude,

What’s happening?

Yeah, I’m writing a letter.  Call me the Emily Post of Penmanship.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m sorry I won’t be able to see you this Father’s Day.  Things happen–you know how that goes.  But I promise to see you soon.


Everyone here is doing fine.

Luckily we haven’t had too many really hot days this summer as the sun & heat shrivel me like an old grape!  That’s the way MS works.  First warning you by politely tapping you on the shoulder.  Then when you don’t listen, MS punches you in the gut!  Can’t complain though…what are you gonna do!  Just deal with it!

Hey remember me telling you how the fob on a key chain should mean something personal to the owner?  I said your keys are with you more than a loyal dog, so an ordinary key chain fob just wouldn’t do.

A janitor I'm not.
A janitor I'm not.


Well, I found the perfect thing to put on my key ring.

Hope you don’t mind, but it’s a button from your police jacket.  I found it in a drawer at home.

I was always proud of you in your time as a policeman.  Hanging out with you at the station.  Listening to your weird & wacky stories of the calls you received while on duty.  You always said the TV series “Barney Miller” was the most realistic cop show on the air—and your stories back that up.  We gotta write that book!  (We’ll discuss it later.)

So I’ll talk to you this Sunday.  Meanwhile have a piece of pie for me.  Wait, that means you’ll eat three pieces—we’ll have to roll you from the kitchen to the living room!

Happy Dude Day.

All my love,

Odd Sock


Have a great Father’s Day everyone!  Give your Dad a hug & a kiss and tell’em you love him.

If your father has passed, take a moment to cherish his memory.  That’s what I plan to do as my Dad celebrated his last Father’s Day in 1999.


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