Two New MS Symptoms

Two New MS Symptoms



While enjoying my two week My Odd Sock corporate sabbatical, I discovered two new MS symptoms..or side effects (however you want to classify them).



During the course of my extensive research, I have become curious if you suffer with these two MS maladies as well?

Not yet recognized by the medical community, I simply refer to the new symptoms as…….


…”Hook Toe” and “Draggy Feet.”



Hook Toe  (Is that nail fungus?)
Hook Toe (Is that nail fungus?)


Hook Toe

Pictured at left is an exaggerated example of “hook toe.”  (Hey would you expect anything less from this goofy website?)




Due to a lack of flexibility in an MSer’s feet and ankles, the toes become hooks in essence, snagging anything and everything.


Rise & Shine
Rise & Shine



Even getting out of bed can be a struggle when hook toe is tag-teamed with spasticity.  Let’s get ready to rumble with a no-holds battle with the sheets & blankets!



I've seen smaller corns at a Farmer's Market
I've seen smaller corns at a Farmer's Market


And don’t think taking a stroll through the laundry room is a walk in the park either.

With “hook toe,” your toes catch on more laundry than the Snuggle Bear.

My hook toes attract so many items of clothing, I have ring-around the ankle!



If you suffer from “hook toe”—be careful—as your risk of tripping & falling is increased ten little-piggy fold!



Draggy Feet

With “Draggy Feet,” walking is replaced with a foot dragging shuffle.  (I shuffle more than a Las Vegas blackjack dealer!)

You don’t step because it is difficult to lift your feet.  So one “slides” into each step mimicking a figure skater minus the ice!  Or, Pete Webber without a bowling ball!


Watch your step smartguy
Watch your step smartguy




Of course, with “draggy feet,” there are challenges with each step.





Have some liver with those bunions
Have some liver with those bunions



Land obstacles are often difficult to avoid.

You will agree once you “draggy feet” through a pile of doggie doo-doo!



While other more common MS symptoms are treatable, there are no known methods of treatment for “hook toe” and “draggy feet.”

So, as a doctor of your own MS domain, how do you chart your diagnosis for these two new conditions?

Give it to me straight, doc.  I can take it.


2 Replies to “Two New MS Symptoms”

  1. Odd Sock — those two symptoms are what made me realize something was wrong and on to diagnosis. You’ll find that draggyitis also leads to hip swivel — a great step to a new dance called the MS Shuffle!