I’m Like Inspector Gadget

I’m Like Inspector Gadget


Let’s repeat this early Odd Sock.  Enjoy..or wretch!

When I was diagnosed with MS, little did I know this chronic disease would require me to own more walking aids than Dr. Scholls.

I’m like the Inspector Gadget of mobility!

Having Multiple Sclerosis can be completely unpredictable.  One day, you get around fine but the next can be just the opposite—where you have trouble putting one foot in front of the other.  It can even vary hour to hour (I tend to morph into my lurching, Quasimoto shuffle each day between 4 and 8pm).

So we have equipment to make things easier.  In fact, I’m loaded for bear.  I have more equipment than a one-man band!

One Man Band
One Man Band





I have a wheelchair.  I have a cane.  I have a handicap parking pass.  Not to mention, a leg brace and hand controls for my car.  Plus, I have been told I need a walker (but still resist), and those forearm crutches that make you walk like Buzz Adrin taking a clunky hike on the moon.

It has also been reccomended I get a “polar suit” to keep me cool in extreme heat.  All suited up I figure I’ll be a dead ringer for the robot from “Lost In Space.”  I’ll blend right in with the crowd–like a Fridgidare side-by-side strolling thru the park!

I know, I know, all that that stuff is used and has been advocated for my safety and well-being.  Improving the quality of life is the intended purpose.

The medical professionals working on my behalf and others in the same boat, don’t give a rat’s ass if some idiot makes a snide remark about my polar suit.

That idiot only wishes he was as cool as I am!


4 Replies to “I’m Like Inspector Gadget”

  1. we are quite the pair, I have all the same gadgets as you!! Although sad to say as of this past May I couldnt resist the walker anymore. My cane has been laid off, but hopefully I can get it back to work real soon!!

  2. A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. Well done!