Dreadfully Awful

Dreadfully Awful




I just finished taking a cycle of the commonly-prescribed oral steroid, Prednisone.

Whether you have MS, a myriad of other health conditions or simply trying to boost your home run total, you are well aware of what I am about to say.


The little buggers.



How do these tiny, tiny pills…smaller than mini M&Ms…pack such a dreadfully awful taste?


I assume roadkill as being more appetizing.

Is this a pill?  Or did I swallow a chunk of iron ore?


He knows!


Even Mr. Yuk cringes when taking Prednisone!

He kept a straighter face after downing a shot of Drano!



Dear makers of Prednisone,

Add some damn flavoring why don’t ya!  Lemon, cherry, berry, fruit punch–anything’ll do.

It’s fall so throw in some pumpkin spice–they put that crap in everything else this time of year.

They make a pill to give a guy a boner but you can’t give Prednisone a little flavor?

C’mon man, try a little harder!  It’s a tablet you take with water, not a soldering iron!


Three things that taste BETTER than Prednisone…

Good source of minerals.



Swing sets.





Who let the dougs out?



Fence posts.





Come to a complete stop.



Stop signs.





Not to mention Prednisone’s repulsive flavor takes over your mouth with sonic speed.  The first hint of moisture unleashes an explosion of metalic aura.  Like a California wildfire in your pie hole.  Spreading faster than germs of a sneeze in a crowded elevator.

Just my luck one of the little bastards slips between my cheek & gum, getting stuck there giving me a full metal jacket.  It’s like tongue-kissing a steel worker.  Dr. Mengele did less cruel experiments.

As I said before thankfully my time with Prednisone is over.  It worked its magic.  And I am better.

Even the taste has gone.  Though the memory…oh, that lingers forever!


One thing that tastes WORSE than Prednisone…




Fire hydrants, for obvious reasons.



3 Replies to “Dreadfully Awful”

  1. Omg doug I couldn’t stop laughing, I too did a prednisone taper recently and I try everything to try to hide the taste! Impossible. I would have to imagine that Caprock is it’s brother! We can suffer through because it is a pop of wellness if only for awhile! Feel good for as long as you can!

  2. Another great blog, there’s no way make prednisone taste good! L couldn’t quit laughing sad but true and worth it ✨️