Expensive Stuff, Dog

Expensive Stuff, Dog


Wallets & insurance cards, please.

Yeah, yeah we’ve heard it all before. The rah-rah hype of some sort of oversight looksie into the high cost of prescription meds.

Advocates have called on one for years only to get a whimper of response from those in power.

I decided to get off my backside to take a peek at the cost of my own treatment for multiple sclerosis.


Another dumb look.



What I found explains why I always have this dopey look on my face.

I was shocked to say the least, I tell ya.



The first is the cost of my Botox treatments.


“Whoo doggie” said Jed.

Now before you begin comparing me to a Kardashian, let me explain.

Every three months I get Botox injections in my legs to combat extreme spasticity.

The treatment works wonders to keep me mobile.  But yikes, from the bill you can see the drug alone is nearly 18G!  That’s almost twenty large for the whole deal (excluding waxing of leg hair).

Times that by four treatments per year and we’re talking the price of a luxury import!

Thank goodness for health insurance is all I can say!


Next comes the expense of treating the MS itself.


Think I’ll rob a bank.

Over the years I’ve tried many different MS drugs, but have settled on the twice-a-year infusion of Ocrevus.

It’s no fuss.  No daily shots.  No pills to remember.  No flush.

Ocrevus is the lazy man’s way to go.  And I am definitely a lazy man (with hairless legs due to waxing).

But yiminee, comfort comes at a cost!

Over $120 thousand PER?  That’s quite a cashe!

I’ll take a double shot please.


They serve it up in a little brown bag, saying the medication is light-sensitive.

I’d say it’s in a brown bag due to embarrassment!

$120 grand?  Is it Ocrevus?  Or premium gasoline?


An effective marketing campaign.


I like the Ocrevus TV ad campaign though.

Their message simplifies the twice-a-year treatment plan with the two-finger victory sign.


NOT for children!


But you know me-at a cost of nearly a quarter mill per year…..I’ll give’em my own two-finger salute.


Again, I am thankful to have health insurance to deter the costs.  But it seems health systems, drug companies, medical equipment suppliers & the like are all just out of whack.  One taking advantage of another.  And us.

Where will it end?  Who knows.  It’s all expensive stuff, dog.

Keep moving.


4 Replies to “Expensive Stuff, Dog”

  1. Agree 100% Doug. It goes back to the old saying, you’re *** if you do and d*** if you don’t. I’m just trying everything and anything to help us to keep moving!! Enjoy what you can and continue what works. Love your post, you make me smile 😃

    1. Joanne,
      Glad you liked it. And glad to have you as a reader! Thanks for your comment & kind words.
      Note: Strong drugs & gas can also make you smile!

  2. I looked up the charge for my Ocrevus infusion, the total charge for the visit, $133,046.84. Like you said, I’m glad I have good health insurance. I call it liquid gold. However, mine has never come in a brown bag, and there is light in the room.

    From 2003 to 2009 I was on the daily injection Copaxone. My co-pay was $50.00. You could mail your invoice in to the drug company for $50.00 rebate, so basically I received thousands of dollars of the Copaxone for free for six years. Such a deal.

    1. Margaret,
      Wow, 133K! You, me & Jed Clampett would call Ocrevus liquid gold!
      You were pretty shrewd with your Copaxone co-pay…interesting & wise. Smart girl!
      Thanks for checking in & sharing!