Let the party begin.

This is it. 

A rather subdued celebration of this being My Odd Sock’s 700th post.  As low-keyed as the grand opening of yet another Starbucks.

Yep, seven hundred.  That is CRAZY.  I never figured to reach that number when this craggy website first opened for business back in July of 2009.


I thought the well of ideas would have run dry years ago (and many contend it did).

My Odd Sock began strictly as a humor blog about multiple sclerosis.  It dealt with topics like foot drop, new meds, mobility aids & life in general with a chronic disease.

This gassy blog served as my therapy.  Cheaper than a psych session, it was journaling with poor subject/verb conjugation.

Ain’t that the truth.


There was only so much one could write about MS fatigue or falling or bathroom potty stuff, so My Odd Sock began making fun of things like MRIs, MS movies & funny, made-up quizes.

(World’s longest sentence-sorry!)


Square is rather large for comedic effect!



Oh who am I kidding, I wrote about bathroom potty stuff too because my humor is so low-brow.


Not funny, like me.



Shecky Trembles, MS comedian, was introduced.

As well as an MS soap opera “As the Myelin Fades.”

Even “MS-The Musical” (a parody of “Menopause-The Musical”) sung & danced its way on this blog.


Like 28 different post now!


And because one couldn’t exist writing about MS all the damn time, humor posts like “Brain Drain” made fun of tv commercials, products or whatever got my knickers in a bunch.



Actual size.


Of course, in 700 posts I had to make fun of myself too.

Like writing about my ginormus noggin, world’s smallest nipples or my spider-like hairy legs.



Breaking My Odd Sock down by the numbers is truly disturbing.


Had to count on fingers AND toes.

You figure 700 posts with an average of 300 words per post.

That’s 210,000 total written words!

Or equivalent to the length of one article in the NY Times!


That’s not all…


Think of the time involved here.

Seven hundred posts at about four hours (writing, photos, typing) per post equals 2,800 total hours.

I could have volunteered that time at a food bank but NOOO I had to write about peeing my pants.



Get a hobby, why don’t you.

And don’t think YOU are getting off so easy.

How about YOUR time involved reading this garbage?

Let’s say three minutes spent reading each post…times 700…Hmm, that’s 2,100 minutes of YOUR time buried at myoddsock.com.  (But I love you for it!)


So seven hundred down…and who knows how many yet to come.  I’ll just keep putting pen to paper as see where it goes.

I appreciate you joining me on this journey.  And a ride it has been.

Be well my friend.

2 Replies to “#700”

  1. Doug,

    Congratulations on achieving such a significant Milestone!

    I can’t remember when I came on board , but so glad I found you!

    You have been MY therapy over the years. With your words, and those in the comments, I know I am not alone.

    Looking forward to the next 700!

    P.S. For the longest time I thought your name was “Dan”. 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      Thank you for your kind words & readership. I truly apreciate your comments adressed to Doug, Dan or anything else. I tell people to call me what they want because I’ve been called worse.
      I wish the very best to you and always look forward to your snarky responses!