Candy Corny

Candy Corny


Fall is my preferred season of the year.  The cooler temps.  The vibrant leaves.  The candy…candy corn, in particular.

And not just the white, orange & yellow candy corn that’s so common in the aisle.  But MY favorite, Harvest Corn, which only makes its appearance in autumn.

Mmm, harvest corn!


Harvest Corn, formerly known as Indian Corn, has the same white top & orange middle, but differs with a brown bottom.

There is no difference in taste between Harvest & Candy Corn–I simply enjoy the brown bottom.  (That doesn’t sound right, does it?)



The break down.

The Perfect Corn.

The best corn can be divided into six equal parts.

There is one part white peaked at the top.

Orange makes up three segments of the middle.

While the brown base is two parts.

As you know, differences vary, making each piece unique in its own character.


So I decided to spill the bag and have some fun with individual pieces.

Let’s get “Candy Corny”…….

Needs a haircut.

A lot off the top!

A crewcut keeps it high & tight.

Nice & neat.

“I can’t find my pants!”

“Did you look?”

Grandpa wear pants way too high.

“No, it’s not time for Wheel.”

Mind Blowing.

This is ridiculous.

Harvest Corn Daredevil.

A sugary mess.

Hair Clinic.

Open for business.

Summer Highway Driving.

Reduced speed ahead.

P.S.  My teeth after eating a bag of Harvest Corn.

Soft foods only.



4 Replies to “Candy Corny”

  1. I happen to love candy corn. However, I will never be able to to eat it the same way. I can’t wait to dig in a bag and determine which piece needs a haircut, and which piece is wearing their pants too high.

    1. Margaret,
      We (candy corn lovers) are an exclusive group. Most say they are disgusted by it.
      Also, your situation is a plus…you can simply enjoy the candy without wasting time thinking about dumb stuff it reminds you of!