My 25th MS Anniversary

My 25th MS Anniversary


Always the party guy!

Are you curious as to why I am celebrating?

It’s because September marks my 25th MS anniversary!

Hol-ee crap.  A quarter century.  I haven’t been this happy since I stepped on a nail.

It was early September of 1996, when during a routine physical, my family doctor said “I think you have multiple sclerosis.”


Who would have guessed?  We’ve been a couple so long MS is now my MRS!

So what do you get for someone celebrating their 25th MS anniversay?

Here are a few suggestions…..


Makes a hit at tap class as well!



A silver mobility device would be splendid!




20mg if you please.




A ninety-day supply of Baclofen tabs makes a practical gift!





When you care to send the very best.

A thoughtful card always touches the heart.

Personalize it inside with a message of hope…

Twenty-five years of trippin & fallin

does explain why your noggin’s so swollen.


Twenty-five years with a parking placard.

Closer to the door–you feel less knackerd.”


Always a favorite of mine!



Also nice is an extra-long, painful muscle spasm.




Tell me when it hurts.


Or an all-expense paid vacation to Rehab Purgatory.

Hours of grueling PT with therapists wearing matching, logoed polo shirts.



“Tell me how much you love me–BUT SPEAK LOUDER!”



How about a romantic MRI for two?

Contrast included!



My eyes are shut in this one.



Cherish the moment you were diagnosed with a lovely, framed brain scan.




Lastly, you could give MS a hand-crafted gift…

How thoughtful.




A present?  

But what could it be?



Rude, but fitting.




Awww, it’s the finger!

Special indeed!



Do you acknowledge your MS anniversary?

(Besides giving it a disgusted “Hm.”)

Share your thoughts about your hallowed day with a comment.

Otherwise I’ll be here waiting for your gifts & well-wishes.

Till then, keep moving.

6 Replies to “My 25th MS Anniversary”

  1. I can never remember when I was first diagnosed. It was either 1993 or 1995 or maybe in between. Periodically I ask my doctor, only to forget again. I do remember the office visit. I too was told by the family doctor I had at the time, ” I think you have multiple sclerosis”. I started crying saying how I didn’t want to end up in a wheelchair. The doctor responded “you will walk to your grave”. We both know how that turned out. I do remember the exact date I woke up having a major exacerbation and was never able to walk again.
    February 1, 2009. My right hand and arm stopped working in 2014.
    For your anniversary, I’m giving you the same thing I got you last year.

    1. Margaret,
      Thank you for sharing your story AND for the grand gift. I’ll treasure it forever!
      Keep fighting you ol’ barracuda!