In the Buff

In the Buff


I’m all in for better living.  So when a new study was released and published, it piqued my interest!

Strip down & enjoy!

The study found that sleeping in the buff is quite beneficial.

Apparently ditching your panties & p.j.’s improves your quality of sleep.

It helps you fall asleep faster by allowing your body to cool itself quicker.

It keeps your skin healthy as deeper sleep improves the skin’s healing process.



Leaving your skivvies on the bedroom floor also gives your body an opportunity to breath & air out, which is beneficial for both mommy AND daddy parts.

Plus, sleeping naked as a jaybird is said to boost your body’s metabolism, improve self-esteem and confidence.

And if your home catches fire in the night, you’ll give the responders quite a show!  (That’s NOT a benefit-just me being silly.)

According to a survey of 1,000 respondents, only 29% say they sleep naked.  Shame, because with all those positive gains why not hit the sheets in one’s birthday suit?

I had only dabbled with nude slumber in the past.  I was not a real fan at that point.  You see, I liked order.  Everything in its place. 

Snoozing naked, on the other hand, meant you were free to roam. 

Flopping.  Twisting.  Turning.  It was chaos between the sheets. 

I didn’t like how my boys wouldn’t stay in their own yard.


Not certain about “comfortable.”

A recent change of heart occured when I got a new package of Hanes boxer briefs.

They were size large like all my other underwear.

Only these tighter.  WAY tighter. 

Not just tight but constricting tight.  Like a boa had my privates.

They felt as though I was sleeping in a vice-grip all night.

“Our most comfortable”…I don’t think so.


At that point I realized a change needed to be made.

So I peeled off those skin-tights and joined the other 29% to sleep free.  Au naturel.  Unencumbered.  Just me and a high-thread count.

Am I sleeping better?  I don’t know.

Have more self-esteem & confidence?  Eh, maybe.

Getting used to the freedom?  Yeah, I guess.

For now I will continue dropping tro at bedtime.  But it could be a different story this winter when it is ten degrees outside and Jack Frost is nipping at my nose & everything else that’s hanging out there flopping, twisting & turning.

4 Replies to “In the Buff”

    1. Dave,
      Maybe that’s why I got kicked off the bus?
      Thanks for checking in. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

  1. I know the benefits but I too can not get used to sleeping in the buff! No one needs to see that‼️ so a nightie it is, always