Driving Me (Christmas) Crazy

Driving Me (Christmas) Crazy


It really is!

I just don’t get it.

I worked in advertising, media, marketing for over twenty years and I still don’t understand.

During the holiday season car companies seem to come out by the fleet-load to sell product.

You can’t watch television for ten minutes without a car commercial for Chevy, Ford, Kia, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Buick, GMC, Honda–if it has wheels, it’s being pushed!

And why?  Who is buying a brand-spanking new SUV…at Christmas?

Certainly not me.  I got other stuff to pay for.  Heck, come the end of December I’ll have a Kohl’s bill big enough to choke a reindeer!


James is one lucky fellow.

The current Buick commercial touts treating yourself to a new Enclave.  Riiight.

To: James.  From: James.

Well sorry to break it to you, Jimmy but my budget suggests more of a hot pretzel with nacho cheese dipping sauce from Auntie Anne’s.


My least favorite holiday car commercial is, by far, GMC’s “I Love It.”  

This sickening presentation features two adorable, young lovers who are probably still paying off their student loans.

Makes me ill.

The pair seemingly live in a million-dollar palatial palace which prompts the dude to drop-trowel and spend ninety G’s on a truck and SUV.

How realistic is this bullshit?

I mute the ad whenever I see their two slender, sweatered bodies.



I’m not buying a new ride at Christmas because of having other expenses is one reason.  The other being, soon it will be winter–the sloppiest driving season of the year (at least here in Ohio).  I don’t want to be cruising through the snow, ice, slag, water & frozen grunge in a new vehicle.

Ohio’s roads in winter are caked with enough salt to give radial tires hypertension.

We have potholes deep enough for fracking.

It’s just not a good environment, or a great time of year, for a new car.  I’m sorry.

That is, unless I can pay with Kohl’s Cash.



4 Replies to “Driving Me (Christmas) Crazy”

  1. What’s a Christmas car commercial without the big red bow.

    My favorite car commercials are for Subaru with the dog family and daddy doggy is driving the car.

    Here in Duval County, there are two types of roads, the ones that need construction, and the ones under construction.

    1. Margaret,
      Where do you get a big red bow like that? I have not seen that Subaru commercial. And yes, maybe this year Santa will bring you some orange barrels.
      Always enjoy your comments. Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Yvonne,
      You are preaching to the choir here. I believe this is their 2nd or 3rd year running this ad…time for something new GMC! Thanks for your comment.