MS: By The Numbers

MS: By The Numbers


Who’s counting?

Ever wonder whose job it is to compile those seemingly mindless sports statistics? 

On-base-percentage of lefties vs righties on overcast days in April? 

Odds of first-down during a defensive blitz by a running back with a reverse mortgage?


Multiple sclerosis is no different.  There are boo-coo figures on every aspect of MS.  And I can prove it.

Here are some little known “stats” in a post I call “MS: By The Numbers.”


That’s a lot.



Estimated people diagnosed with MS world-wide.



That too is a lot.



People diagnosed with multiple sclerosis each week.



Wasted water.



Number of times an automatic toilet flushes before you get your pants pulled up & get out of the way.



Ladies first.



Times as many women have MS than men.



Are you done yet?



Leg spasms before you finally fall asleep.



Just faking.



Poop cramps before you actually go.



And every other celebrity.



MSers tired of hearing how Montel Williams beats MS.



Majority of us.



Percent of people are diagnosed with RRMS at first.



Where the hell are they?



Times looking for keys before realizing they were in your pocket.



C’mon fingers!



Attempts buttoning a shirt before switching to a pullover.



You lasted how long?



Minutes that pass during an MRI before you have to pee.



Here we go again.



Average times per year you are told “Well, you look good.”



Join the club!



Percent of people with RRMS who transition to SPMS within a decade.



Yeah, good luck.



Disabled spaces for every one thousand folks owning a parking placard.



What sounds good?



Times changing mind when ordering at a restaurant.



Sounds familiar.



Times forgetting what you ordered.



Lucky ones.



Percent of people with MS who have no to mild symptoms.



Are you coming?



Minutes late are MSers for no apparent reason.



You must be rich!



Million dollars total lifetime cost of having MS.






Dropped pegs that roll under table during nine-hole-peg test.



Slow eater.



Times you chew jello to avoid swallowing issues.



You give it your best shot.



Percent of your time wasted reading My Odd Sock.




Yep, MS is definitely a numbers game.  So take care of yourself.  And keep doing what you can do.












4 Replies to “MS: By The Numbers”

  1. I have often told my doctors that I believe if a drug or procedure is 99% effective, I always fall in the 1%

    1. Margaret,
      Believe me, you are not the only one who feels like they are in the same situation. Thanks for your funny comment!

  2. I love them all Doug! Love your blog. You put this horrible disease in check! Keep on keepin on 🤪

    1. Joanne,
      Thank you for your kind words but your fondness for this blog may require further medical evaluation. Keep moving!