Med Mash

Med Mash


Let’s play!

Just how DO they come up with the crazy-ass names for prescription drugs?

One must wonder.

It’s always some weird consonant/vowel combo that gives your tongue a charlie-horse trying to pronounce them.

You got to be a patient AND a linguist.

I have a theory.  I believe they put Scrabble tiles in a cup, shake’em up and pour them out.  Whatever it says becomes they name they use.


It’s the same for MS meds.  Crazy names that have no meaning.  In fact, I’ll prove that by mixing up the letters a bit, you get ANOTHER silly, nonsensical name…


My med of choice.



Let’s start with Ocrevus.




Quite a name!




Rearrange the letters some and you end up with the names of three Russian cosmonauts aboard a Sputnik space craft.




Avonex, the old stand-by.


How about Avonex?


Marvel superhero?



Look in a mirror at this one and you find it is simply Avonex spelled backwards!



Lots of users.



Tecfidera has become a popular MS medication.



Sounds wonderful!



But mix up the letters and you end up going to the Ditercafe for another dose of Creedifat.




I tried this one too.


Let’s try it with Rebif…



They drove me crazy!


Jumble the letters some and the new name reminds me of those fuzzy, bug-eyed electronic toys from a few years back.



Tried this one too!


Copaxone is used by many patients with multiple sclerosis.


I took Romanian in college.


Shake’em up some and you’ll have the name of the leader of Romania.  (Not really.)



I always think of lemonade.


Let’s give it a try with Lemtrada…







Do you know the side-effects of a dose of Raadmelt?

Sounds like a sandwich from a burger joint.




Walk this way, Steven Tyler.


Ampera, the walking pill.


Where’s your hearing aid?


…Becomes Mearpa.  (An old, bald guy with bad hearing.)



Save me a dose!


Another very popular MS med.



Ukranian comedy duo.



Stir it up to get….

“Who’s on donkey, first?”



Has a fancy name.



Next, let’s look at Aubagio…





Change it around…and it becomes I-O-U A BAG.

(A bag of what, I wonder?)



Nice name for a girl.



Lastly (Thank God), we have Gilenya…



Not at all wrong.



Switch the letters and you have NIGYALE and GAYLENI.

Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that!


So we come to the end of quite possibly the dumbest My Odd Sock yet!

Thank you for your patience.  Be well.






10 Replies to “Med Mash”

  1. I wanted to play, and this is the best that I can do………


    mix the letters up and you get


    an advice column in Ireland

    1. Margaret,
      THAT’S funny! Good one–you may play anytime! Appreciate the comment!…Now go wash your hands.

    1. Steve,
      You are very welcome! Surprising you just heard about My Odd Sock–I’ve been written about on every public bathroom wall east of the Mississippi.

  2. Oh, how cool is this!

    I once thought that these names might be anagrams from something else, but running the names through an anagram solver — 21st century version of your way cool Scrabble mash-up — has come up with … well, the name ‘Jack Sh!t’ fits!

    But back to your meds mash — or med smash! — I don’t see Rituximab on the list… It’s not merely an MS med, but covers various autoimmunes, so maybe that’s why. So, to run it through the anagrammer:

    Im a Britux (James Bond, maybe?)
    Rubati Mix
    Maxi Bruit
    A Bruit Mix
    Iamb Xi Rut
    Tuba Rim Xi
    Tabu Rim Xi

    …and 130-odd more. Oddly, running it through two different anagram solvers didn’t end up with the same solutions.

  3. Gale,
    Thank you for your kind words! A “anagram solver?” Wow, didn’t know such technology existed! I just played around with Scrabble tiles. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. I used to take Ferbi and might have stayed with it if it had such a cute name and each refill came with a new little Ferbi doll. For the cost of it the drug company could afford them. Now I take I O U A B A G A bag of what I wonder? They haven’t mailed it to me yet. I’ll give them a call now….

    1. Yvonne,
      Let me know if they send you something–I may switch. Thank you for visiting & sharing!