Resolutions Really?

Resolutions Really?


Make any?


Happy 2019 to you!

What would be the lamest idea for the first post of the new year?

Resolutions, of course.

Honestly I don’t make new years resolutions.  And neither should you.

Here’s why.

Resolutions are a waste of time & energy because they are rarely achieved and meant to be broken.



Think about it.

We often come up with our silly resolutions while 3/4 of the way through a $4 dollar bottle of champagne, wearing a party hat and blowing a noisemaker saved from past year’s new years eve parties.

Can you really be serious about losing 20 pounds in this condition?  Hardly.

Resolutions go unachieved because they are too broad with no real plan of action.

Then you throw multiple sclerosis into the mix and it is simply easier to pull the party hat down and drain the rest of the cheap Aste.

Start small if you must make resolutions.

“Organizing my whole house” is too overwhelming.  A job too big even to fathom.

Begin with a more manageable task…like organizing the kitchen junk drawer.

Oh dear God.




Eh, on second thought even THAT seems daunting!




Taking better care of yourself is a popular resolution.

Even with MS, simple steps (no pun intended) can be made to improve your well being.

Like moving more.  Get up.  Move what you can as often as you can.

Unable to stand?  No excuse.  Move your arms to reach for the ceiling.  Stretch.  Shrug your shoulders (I’m really good at that).  Turn your head.

Wanna tighten your gut?  Suck it in as far as you are able.  Hold it.  Let it out and do it several more times.  Feel the muscles in your core contract making you sit up higher, taller & straighter.

Try to make better choices at din-din time too.  Again no need to make drastic changes.  Keep’em small.  Instead of a cheeseburger–get a hamburger.  You’ll save fat & calories and you probably don’t taste the cheese anyway.

Swap out a soda with a glass of water.

Enjoy a snack, but only one.

And don’t eat late in the evening if you can avoid it.  Wake up hungry is what I say.

Who needs brazen resolutions when simple and smaller does the job just as well.

Here is to a better, healthier and funnier 2019.



2 Replies to “Resolutions Really?”

  1. Great post as always Doug! I don’t make New Years resolutions either. I just try to live the best life allowed to me and keep on keeping on! Happy 2019 Doug 🥂

    1. Joanne,
      You are correct…just live the best life you can. Thank you for the kind words!