Sing along!

‘Tis the holiday season and not even multiple sclerosis can sour the spirit here at My Odd Sock!


Let’s add a sprinkle of MS to our favorite Christmas songs.

Join in & sing loudly as we go “MS-A-Caroling”…..



Sung to the tune of: “O Christmas Tree”


O  A-F-O, O  A-F-O,

you keep my foot from dropping.

O  A-F-O, O  A-F-O,

Bright & glittery!

Shove you in the shoes I wear,

kinda wish I had a pair.

O  A-F-O, O  A-F-O,

you make my shoes go sliding.



Sung to the tune of:  “O Holy Night”


O holy night! My legs are crazy jumpy.

It is the night when MS is the worst.


Sung to the tune of:  “Drummer Boy”


In-side the tube you hear…Krr-Zap-Bang-Whiz-Bing.

Don’t move.  Don’t twitch, you fear…Gak-Bap-Wzz-Dang-Ding.

What to do.

You try to sleep in there…Zeep-Erzz-Kak-Bang-Ping.

Ear plugs, you need a pair…Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting…Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting… Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting…Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting.



Sung to the tune of:  “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”


“Randy, the red-nosed infusion nurse

had a very runny nose.

Blow it, Randy.

Offered him a tissue from my purse

before he dripped on his toes.

All of the other nurses

used to laugh and call him names.

They never let poor Randy

play in any nasal games.”


Sung to the tune of: “I’ll be Home for Christmas”


“I’ll be home by Christ-mas.

It may take a while.

Walking slow, stubbing toes.

Hurts to fall on tile.”


Sung to the tune of: “Away in a Manger”




“Away in a scooter, no room for his feet,

the little MSer, his shopping complete.

Long day at the stores, he started to drift.

Sleep would come after a date with Rebif.”



Sung to the tune of: “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”


“Tripping around the Christmas tree

this has got to stop.

Broke a bulb, think you’ll all agree

she’s about to flop.


Tripping around the Christmas tree

balance is out of whack.

Now almost done but gotta pee

she’ll never make it back.

Tripping around the Christmas tree

have a happy holiday.

Everyone movin best they can

it’s the multiple sclerosis way.”



Sung to the tune of:  “Deck The Halls”


“Clear the floors of all throw ruh-ugs


Ho Ho Ho.

Tie you shoes and take your dru-ugs


Don we know our safe apparel


‘Else a trip to a nurse named Carol



Phew, all this singing–I need a lozenge.

Now that our hearts are warm & our toes are frosty, let’s go inside & continue to spread cheer for the holidays.

Merry MS to everyone!















12 Replies to “MS-A-Caroling”

  1. All I can say, is merry Christmas Doug! I can relate to all of the songs. Once again I’ll say MS still sucks and fa, fa, fa, f**lalla to all, and to all a good night. Christmas is definitely Not my happy place, Sorry! 😣

    1. Joanne,
      Merry Christmas to you as well. What bothers me most is there is so much to do this time of year–and I can’t help much at all. That’s why it is not my happy place.

  2. Grandma got run over by my power chair
    Walking in the parking lot Christmas Eve
    You say you can’t drive drunk without drinking
    But those of us who have MS disagree
    #sorrygrandma #don’ttextandwalk #happy holidays

    1. Margaret,
      Good one!!! Who needs Irving Berlin?
      Thank you so much for your funny addition.

      1. I think you and I need to team up and write “MS the Musical” !!
        #broadwayherewecome # thenexthamilton

  3. Wow, that was indeed a long carol. Or maybe it wasn’t. Okay, okay, I fell a little bit asleep. Not because of your writing here, of that you can be sure! (Oh, hmm, it looks as though I might have started writing to be read in time with carolers.)

    1. Don’t worry Gale, you wouldn’t be the 1st person to fall asleep reading this dribble—heck I fall asleep writing it!
      Thanks for your visit & comment!