Doggone Silly

Doggone Silly


A ruff read.

As pet owners we go over-the-top for our furry friends.

The choices of toys, bedding, even food & treats are overwhelming.

The days of a tennis ball, blanket and a bowl of Purina are so passe it is ridiculous.

We treat our pets better than some nations care for their people–but that’s a whole nother subject.


Recently I stumbled upon a website of a company that dresses up your dog.

I’m not talking about a dog-sized shirt with a catchy slogan or a jacket for brisk, winter walks.

I’m talking about full-blown outfits!

Making America’s pets look ridiculous.



The company is California Costumes and they make canine costumes ready to embarrass any four-legged mound of fur.

Here are just few of my favs…..





Yes, dress your dog like a Star Wars’ nerd so you can both be lonely living in your parent’s basement.

It will look even more like R2D2 as your dog scoots across the carpet on its hind-quarters.

This costume screams dateless & desperate!



The UPS costume.



Here’s a good idea.

Let’s dress your dog as someone it hates the most—a stranger who rings the doorbell.

What’s wrong?–Is the postal worker uniform sold out?



Pope Pet.


Oh this is just swell.

I’m certain to say the Lord’s name in vain trying to get this on my dog.

The Pope is from Brazil.  Shouldn’t this be a Chihuahua?

And what if my dog is Episcopalian?

Just asking.



Woolly Mammoth.




This dog looks happy in its costume.

It seems to be saying…”Just wait till you go to sleep–your leather belt will become my new favorite chew toy!”



Millennial costume.




I’m not sure what this costume is supposed to be…but give it a cell-phone, a game-controller and a Mountain Dew and you have a spot-on Millennial!



Triceratops costume.


The Triceratops look is good in theory but any  dog owner knows how much they HATE having anything on/over/near their head.

I give this costume less than two milliseconds before a pooch shakes it off.  (As a matter of fact, it looks photo-shopped in the picture.)



Spider costume.


Now how is a dog supposed to lick itself wearing this contraption?

This is awful.  Period.

So you hate getting dressed up, how do you think this dog feels?

No wonder it is bearing its teeth.  It is looking for exposed flesh!



Seal costume.



This dog looks sad but it is really plotting to shit on that rug later while you are sleeping.



The Peacock costume.



Lastly, this peacock costume is the reason why good pets turn bad.

It’s the reason dogs bite their owners.

This dog seems to be saying…”Who’s gonna sniff my butt wearing this?”



My point through all of this is don’t waste your money on this stuff.

Your dog doesn’t enjoy wearing them.  And you are only dressing them for a lousy photo on Facebook.

Instead of a costume, give your dog a good-ole belly rub.  Your pet will thank you with a leg shake and possibly spare your slippers from a slobbery chew.


6 Replies to “Doggone Silly”

  1. You are correct sir!! No self respecting dog would be caught dead wearing any of these ridiculous wastes of money!! Perhaps we should force their owners to wear them!!

    1. Tina,
      Oh, I don’t know…I might try the seal outfit. Just wait till I get my summer tan though.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. LOVE the commentary! Especially with the pope costume. Indeed, I be swearing a lot … right along with my dog. “Why the #*@~ are you putting me in another @“?*#€#] costume you $;#^? Enough already!

    1. Dan,
      Thanks for your comment! Your dog has a serious swearing problem…and probably high-blood pressure from anger issues.

    1. Kim,
      I don’t know about you but I would enjoy slippers & a belly rub!
      Thanks for checking in!