A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

Sometimes you need to take a moment to see where you are.

Take in your situation.

Realize how lucky you have it.

Because there is always someone worse.

Recent events changed the party theme for me as I tumbled down our stairs and broke my right collarbone.

(Also broke the index finger on my left hand–but who’s counting.)


Where I have been.


Let’s just say it doesn’t take long to descend a flight of stairs when rolling.

I saw the ceiling three times coming down before being deposited on my back at the bottom.

Stupid, but my first thought was…”Just how a stuntman does it.”  (Minus the broken bones.)



Black is slimming–so they say.



Anywho, so it’s just a sling for the next several weeks.

Hence the changes to my MS lifestyle


I use canes to walk because of poor balance.

But with an injured wing, I’m unable to use my canes.

So I have my wheelchair attached to my backside all day long.  And someone must push me around most of the time.


Didn’t make my bed for the photo.


My family moved a bed into the living room since I can’t do the stairs (the correct way).


And we attached a bed rail so I can pull myself up at least.




My sticks beckon.



Here are my canes patiently waiting near the back door.

Just like puppies, my canes are anxious to get back outside.



Because our main bath is on the second floor, I am forced to wash/shampoo/shave using the kitchen sink.


Spare the children.



I have learned to close the front door while bathing otherwise my bare-ass can be seen across the street.

No wonder the neighbor’s house is for sale.





My intention in telling this story is not for pity and/or sympathy.

My point is…For me, this is a silly, ha-ha moment that will only inconvenience for 6-8 weeks.

But for many MSers, this is a round-the-clock, 24/7, death-do-us-part lifestyle.  And I commend those.  Their plate is full.

I realize I am lucky.  Very lucky.  I can still stand.  Use my hands.  Use my arms.  Feet, even.

Typically a righty, I have learned to shave left-handed.  Eat left-handed.  And I am improving at wiping.  Just saying.

Remember to take a good look at your situation.

Don’t bitch & moan, but realize how well you are adapting to your MS lifestyle.  Because there are many out there far worse off than you & me.

While you are assessing, be sure to take time to IMPROVE your situation.  

Move what you can.  As much as you can.  As often as you can.

Stretch.  Reach.  Breath deeply.  And do it again.

We have it pretty damn good.  With a different perspective.

11 Replies to “A Different Perspective”

  1. MOS, really? You read my stuff. You read how I hurt myself with regularity. You read my warnings and, in theory, sage advice. Don’t emulate me, please. You are suppose to be the responsible one. Feel better!

  2. Dave,
    I’ve fallen for you. In the basement. Bathroom. Family room. In the kitchen. Once in the driveway. Front yard. Back yard. Did I say the kitchen? Thanks for your comment! Be sure to visit this man’s website…activemsers.org

  3. Oh how awful to fall down a flight of stairs! My nightmare. Glad you wasn’t injured worse. Take care of that left hand. Funny why your neighbors sold. I am glad you see the humor

  4. Doug, you make me smile. Having MS for 37 years, I can’t count the times that I thank God for giving me the strength to get through every day without whining. Also being a past nurse, you wouldn’t believe the illnesses that you Don’t ever want. Be strong and be thankful, you may get what you wish for 😲

    1. Joanne,
      You said it best! We can’t change the past–only work on the present & for the future.
      I’m wishing to win the Powerball drawing…Any hope?

  5. Wow man, that sucks!! I know you didn’t want sympathy but I’m giving it anyway cuase yes, there are always things that are worse and other people who are worse but sometimes it’s ok to say DAMMIT. So I’ll say it for you. I have to because I’m not sure I spelled it right. Thank you for your very humorous honesty my friend.

    1. Yvonne,
      Thanks for checking in! You are correct with honesty. Just throws a wrench into the day. Best to you!

  6. I’ve been there and done that! A few years ago I fell in the living room trying to avoid stepping on our cat. End result was – I broke my right wrist. Not even four weeks later…same cat – different room. This time I was in the kitchen. As I started to fall, I tucked my right arm close to my chest and I stretched out my left arm to catch myself in the fall….shattering my left wrist as I crumpled to the floor. This massive break needed surgery. Now with new metal parts screwed into my wrist I realized in a small way how the six million dollar man must have felt at first. With the breaking of both wrist, now wrapped up in plaster – eating, washing, dressing, and toilet breaks became really difficult. That’s when you find out who your friends really are. As it turned out – my husband WAS my best friend after all.

    1. Geez, Lisa! You know how to do it right…and left. That is crazy cringe-worthy!
      You know something, we husbands aren’t that bad after all.
      Happy healing. (I have about three more weeks) And thank you for sharing your story!