Hit The Shower

Hit The Shower

Time to clean-up with this older My Odd Sock sudsy post.  Enjoy!


Time to come clean.


There’s nothing new about taking a shower.

Most of us go through this routine process nearly every day.  (Once a week for me.)

Yet lately I have felt stranger in the shower.

A closed-in feeling of claustrophobia.

Between walls of fiberglass & a nylon curtain, I found my space was shrinking.  And I was determined to discover why.



So I took inventory.  And here are my findings.


In my shower, there are…..



Five bath towels.

(I wonder as there are only three of us currently living at home.)


Mating ritual?


Two bars of soap.


(I don’t even want to know what these soaps are up to.)




Two wash cloths.

(Alright who is doubling up?)



Two razors.


Must be important–has its own string.




One of these.


(Not sure of its name or purpose)





This with a handle.






One of those.  On a stick.







Again, not sure of the purpose, but I DO know it works great cleaning the bugs off the car bumper……













And NINETEEN bottles of products.

Including shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, lotions, body wash, volumizers & rinses.


I need an interpreter!



Many of these items, you need to be a linguist just to pronounce the names.


Ferterer?  Fructis?  Bain Volumifique?

Is this a shower or a lesson from Rosetta Stone?


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my shower, I get an MRI just to stretch out!


A shower is the place to unwind & relax?

I don’t think so.  Then again, I’m all wet.





3 Replies to “Hit The Shower”

  1. I don’t know about you, but how many times do you knock all these things to the shower floor, esp the razor( ouch)? Taking a shower, for me is the most unrelaximg thing that I do!

  2. Kim,
    I am NOT lying! Nineteen. I counted’em!
    Thank you for commenting!

    Well you called that one correct. By swinging my feet over the edge–I frequently get a strike (knocking all off the edge).
    Lucky for me, the razors are up high out of range of my drop feet.
    I agree, taking a shower isn’t my favorite MS activity.
    Thanks for your wise comment!