Cane Play

Cane Play


Steady on, Bubba.

I have been using two canes for my main mobility about six years now.  My canes are never far from my reach.

And they are ALWAYS together.

Sometimes I wonder if they could talk—what would they say to each other?

Time for some “Cane Play”…….



Never “joke” about appearance.


Classic cane joke!


Very polite.


If it feels good..


Hop on.


Been there.


Settle down.


Are you being sarcastic?


Eyes in the back of its handle.


BMV anyone?


Try something new!


It’s a telemarketer!


Just being honest.


OK maybe I exaggerated a tad.  Or maybe took too much medication, I’m not sure.

But at any rate, if your mobility aid could talk–what would it say?

I’m going outside to clear my head.  (It’s pretty obvious I need some fresh air.)

Keep moving.




4 Replies to “Cane Play”

  1. Your canes were overheard saying ”What is up with this guy?…..making us do all these crazy poses for his MOS. I’m exhausted. You think he need air……WE need air…..I hope he takes us outside with him”.

    1. Margaret,
      Couldn’t have said it better. I have spring fever…..bad.
      Always good to hear from you. Thanks for your comment (I think).

  2. I always wondered why my Canadian Crutches were saying at times. Like did one really kick my arm out to make me tumble? If it (no way to know if it’s a he/she) didn’t like my arm locked in it’s space, then why not let me know in a simpler way? Luckily that hasn’t happened in ages, so I must not have ticked it off again since then. Yea, I really don’t want to know what they’re thinking about my arms being in their cuffs.

    1. Speck,
      See? I’m not the only one thinking this stuff. I’ll meet you in the padded room.
      Thanks for your comment!