The 2018 Flemmy Awards

The 2018 Flemmy Awards

Just when you thought there were way too many damn award shows, My Odd Sock piles on another one!


Oh just great.



It is time to celebrate (and wretch) at the best & worst of My Odd Sock during the past year.


It’s time for the 2018 Flemmy Awards!



It’s a full house!



The seats are filled!


Fun abound!


And the celebrities are ready to have the worst evening of their life.



Guzzling booze helps!



Yes, whatever it takes to get through the ceremony!




Hope he doesn’t sing.


So at this time we introduce your dull but amicable host…My Odd Sock.

(smattering of applause)

Well, thank you thank you.  Welcome to the Flemmy Awards—a disgusting, self-patronage to a website of thin plot lines and rampant grammar errors.



Like there are SO many.



We begin with the “Best Comment” category.


And the nominees are…..



“family members always say I am killing my time here.”


“Thanks for this great informative website, buy sex toys.”

and “Healthcare”

I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else is experiencing problems with your site.”




And the Flemmy goes to…..


(By the way, Healthcare–yes, EVERYONE has problems with this site!)



So many to choose from.



Next, we look at the “Worst Product” ever featured at My Odd Sock.


Nominees for the “Worst Product” are…..





the Ottoman table from “Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce.”




Elevator or jail cell?




the Easy Climber Elevator from “Dumb Stuff.”



Wipe with comfort!



and Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong with Cleanstretch from “How Soft Have We Become.”


And the Flemmy goes to…..


What a night!



the Easy Climber Home Elevator!




Looking good!



Our next category “Best Picture” honors the very best image on the site in 2017.


The nominees for “Best Picture” are…..


Fine skill using MS Paint!



the title image from “I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Planet”

(Microsoft Paint, creator)



True dat!



Fart Cutter from “Math Misfit”

(Jesse FullenKamp, writer)



Whiz Kid.



and Peeing Himself from “Aim of Thrones.”

(My Odd Sock, whizzer)



Photo Bomb!



And the Flemmy goes to…..

“Peeing Himself!”

(I’ll accept this award on behalf of My Odd Sock who is currently changing his pants.)



Best? Really?



Which leads us to the “Best Humor” post….


And the nominees are…..


Need a Red Bull yet?



“Dude, Where’s My Bank?”




Who is?




“Not Crazy ’bout Alexa”




A steamy read if you must!



and, “Hit The Shower.”



And the Flemmy goes to…..


Over yet? I’m tired!



“Not Crazy ’bout Alexa!”




Last but not least.



Finally, the “Best MS” post…..


The nominess are…..


The best year of my life.



“MS Class of 1996.”




Who did this research?





“Studies Show.”



Where’s the Funny Meter?



and “MS-An-Adage.”



And the final Flemmy of the year goes to…


Oh thank you Lord.




“MS-An Adage!”



Wow, thanks to everyone who has read this dribble (and kept their lunch down) throughout 2017.

Thank you for your time & comments.  Here’s to the year ahead!

Good night!




















4 Replies to “The 2018 Flemmy Awards”

  1. Do you think the award should be called ”The Tenny” since the award depicts a ”tennis player”?

    1. Margaret,
      Good point. It was the first trophy I grabbed off my son’s dresser.
      Thanks for your comment & for checking in!