A My Odd Sock St. Patty’s Day

A My Odd Sock St. Patty’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is approaching fast as everyone readies their celebrations.

Decorations are hung.  Green lights shine.  Bars and restaurants advertise Irish favorites for a day of Celtic fun.

Yet, I am indifferent.  Uninterested.  Overwhelmed by the blatant commercialism of St. Patrick’s Day.

I just don’t have the spirit of the holiday.

Others tell me “You need more involvement, My Odd Sock.  THAT will put you in the mood!”

And they told me where to go to get started…..

This is it, I’m sure!



“Party Place, really?” I wondered.


That confirmed it.




Then I saw a sign in the window claiming this was the “St. Patrick’s Day Headquarters.”

I nodded in agreement.  This must be the right place to find the answers I was looking for!

So I went inside.


Wow, the selection!



The store was jam-packed with everything Irish.

I was certain to find the spirit!


Lotta luck.

They had t-shirts galore!

Those leprechauns must be tricky.
…And mean.






Pretty ugly if you ask me.



They had Irish ties.



Just for men…or ladies.




Green beards.



Looking good.




Tattoo sleeves.



Now that’s classy!




And flashy bling.



But in the midst of all this green, I didn’t feel any better.

I felt worse, in fact.

My stomach tightened.  My face reddened till I loudly blurted out…”DOES ANYONE KNOW THE REAL MEANING OF ST. PATRICK’S DAY?”

All heads turned to stare at the confused man in his wheelchair.

A little boy slowly approached.  He was about eight-years-old, with sandy-brown hair, wearing an oversized jacket.

“I can tell you the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day, mister.”

Just then the lights flickered and the entire store went dark all except for one tiny bulb casting a gleam on the boy’s small head.

“St. Patrick’s Day is also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland.  It commemorates Saint Patrick…the arrival of Christianity in Ireland…and celebrates Irish heritage & culture.  That’s the real meaning of St. Patrick’s Day,” he said.

As if on cue, every customer in the store then shouted in unison…”HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY, MY ODD SOCK!!!”

How will you celebrate the wearing of the green?

Be safe everyone.

NOTE:  Any similarities between this story and that of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” are purely coincidence.



4 Replies to “A My Odd Sock St. Patty’s Day”

  1. I’m Irish and still don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day. I dont drink beer, esp green beer, and dont feel very festive in a walker. Unfortunately St Patrick’s day is just another excuse to get loaded. If you’re young and dumb…..I guess that’s ok. Some people just never grow up 😣

    1. Joanne,
      Never give up on your Irish heritage. Your walker is a great place to carry your booze.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. About as close as I ever got to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day was wearing green to work. There is that tradition that if you don’t wear green, ”you might get pinched”. Now there is a tradition, if you pinch someone at work, ”you are hit with a sexual harassment suit”!

    1. Margaret,
      I never wear green on St. Patty’s Day, at this point I WANT to get pinched. Unfortunately, at this point, I can’t feel it! Oh well.
      Thanks for your comment.