Low-brow humor.

If you didn’t know, I’m a fairly avid reader.

Books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, pamphlets, cereal boxes, even phone books.

Honestly if it has something of interest, I’ll read it.

Reading is knowledge, right?


MS Focus.

So just last week I found myself immersed in the Winter edition of MS Focus Magazine.

MS Focus is the informative quarterly publication of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

This particular issue was packed with good info about the latest in MS news, tips on living better with MS, diet, sleep, meds and much more.


Cover-to-cover, the MS Focus Magazine was a tremendous spirit-booster for my MS-laden body.

But more than that, within its glossy pages, I found something that struck me to my core.


Where are my cheaters?

It was a little side-bar column.  Not even a picture.

A piece titled “Top Ten Reasons for Taking Control of MS.”

Being a sucker for top-ten lists, I’ll paraphrase the resolutions below…..

#1.  If you smoke, stop.

#2.  Eat more fruits & vegetables.

#3.  Find exercise you enjoy and do it.

#4.  Identify ways to reduce stress.

#5.  Evaluate the quality of your sleep.

#6.  Reduce salt, fat & processed food in your diet.

#7.  Take care of your preventative health needs.

#8.  Reach out for support from others.

#9.  Stick to your medication schedule.


So far pretty recogizable, common-sense stuff we have all heard before.

But it was number ten that resonated with me the most…

#10.  Don’t accept that your health is the best it can be.  Keep working toward a healthier you.


Great advice.  And something I have been banging on this laptop about for years.

Just because you have MS doesn’t mean you can’t be healthier.  It’s a diagnosis—not a jail sentence.

Do something to improve your health.  Stretch.  Move.  Reach.  Walk.  Lift.  Breathe deep.  Eat better.

Don’t do it once.  Do it every stinking day!

Make yourself better today than you were yesterday.

And tomorrow?  Well, you catch my drift.

Think about this.  We are quick to improve the efficiency of our car by changing the oil, filters, plugs, check tire pressure, rotations, blah blah–so why not do the same with our body?

Just a little works wonders for your attitude, mood, spirit & well-being.  And it is attainable whether you are able to walk or stuck in a chair.  No excuse.

Get started now (finish reading My Odd Sock first).  Every little bit helps.

Then tell me what you did to improve your situation in a comment.

So thank you MS Focus for bringing reason number ten to light.  (Should have been #1 in my opinion)

To get on the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s mailing list, call 888-MSFOCUS (673-6287) or email support@msfocus.org.

Keep moving my friend.


6 Replies to “#10”

  1. Best story ever. Thanks for reminding everyone what should be obvious. We just need to keep movng and take everything day by day…yet remember to strive to be active to keep moving.

  2. I agree it should have been #1! I have been watching less tv and listening to more music. It has helped me mentally, more peaceful. I also started eating more walnuts, can you tell it helps my brain lol

    1. Kim,
      Great to hear you are being proactive! Keep it up!
      Thank you for sharing. (Good luck with those walnuts!)