Lean On Me

Lean On Me


I am a leaner.

Can’t help it.

And frankly, I blame multiple sclerosis.

I lean.  On everything.  Have since about 2005.


My evolution of leaning.


I feel as though I am going backward on the evolutionary scale because of my prominent “poop stoop” leaning posture.




I point my shaky finger at MS for stealing my balance like a thief at an ATM.

MS swiped my core strength like a wiper blade clears the windshield of rain.

So I lean.

On my canes.  On a rollator.

Throughout the house I lean.


Stand up straight, you lazy bugger!



Against a wall.  ( I would make a perfect target for a firing squad.)







In a doorway.

(Careful to watch my fingers.)



Don’t jump.



Along a bannister or railing.



“Can you move please?”



I lean on the kitchen cabinets.

(Seemingly ALWAYS in the way blocking the drawer my wife needs to get in to.)



Don’t mind me.



And I lean on the back of chairs.

(My hand on the chair–or the shoulders of the person sitting there.)



Shield your eyes.



I am even forced to lean while taking a shower…pressing my butt cheeks against the shower wall to maintain my balance.




No thanks to MS, I am a leaner.

Good or bad, it is what one must do to keep some semblance of normalcy in life with multiple sclerosis.

Are you like me with a fondness for leaning?  (I can’t be the only one!)

Reach out.  Hold on.  And keep moving!




4 Replies to “Lean On Me”

    1. Kim,
      Welcome to the club! I would offer to shake your hand in greeting but I am currently holding on for dear life.
      Thanks for your comment!

  1. I agree. I find myself leaning, bent over or just sitting. Is this due to MS or just plain laziness? Having MS for 38 years, I think my core is beyond tired and worn out ! Always enjoy your posts. Thanks for the smile 😊

    1. Joanne,
      Nah, it’s not laziness–it’s the MS. That’s why we (MSers) need to keep pressing & pushing our core to remain strong. MS works to bend us forward at the waist. Keep working to reverse that!
      Thanks for your comment!