My Odd Sock’s MS Confessional

My Odd Sock’s MS Confessional


Forgive me.



Sometimes I fail to do the right things for multiple sclerosis.


Now is the time to enter the booth and admit my wrongs.



Forgive me doctor for I have stumbled (Sorry, no pun intended).


I have been in conversation with a familiar person while being unable to recall their name.


I just can’t today.


There are times when I don’t stretch as I should.


Sometimes I wear the same clothes two days in a row.  (Figuring I haven’t done anything to get them dirty.)


I get angry at MS.  I yell, scream, cuss at it.  I use language that would make a inmate blush.


What can I eat now?


Sometimes I don’t eat as I should.  Too much junk.

Candy, cookies, chocolate.

It makes me feel “blah” yet it continues to be crammed into my mouth.



I wall-walk when I should use my canes.


At times I feel disconnected to family, friends & those around me.  And I don’t know why.


Eh, it can wait.



Some days I am too tired to shower.

Thinking…”(sniff-sniff) I can go another day.”



I try to do too much–wanting to carry my share.  Which usually ends up in a fall or spilling/dropping something to make even more work.





Some times I get tired of the seemingly constant uphill struggle with MS.


There are instances I just sit quietly with not much to say.  Not as lively as I use to be…and once again, I don’t know why.  (But I have a two-letter idea.)



How clever.


Having MS is about remaining positive but there are days I am not.

Negative thoughts swirl around my melon.  (I am about to swear at MS again!)


Sometimes I go into a store and forget why I went into the store.


Forgive me doctor as I try not to allow multiple sclerosis to consume my every moment.  But it is darn difficult at times to rise above.


What do you have to confess?

Take a seat next to me in the booth and spill your guts.

It will make both of us feel better.

Keep moving my friend.





7 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s MS Confessional”

  1. You are so in my mind today. I wrestle with all of these things daily. You question ( I question) why the simplest things are so hard! I yell and cuss at God almost daily, then apologize profusely. I try to deal with the hand that was dealt to me, but some days…..Thanks for sharing as always ❤

    1. It is natural to fight an adversary…so maybe we are OK. When we lose that urge to beat the heck out of MS–it wins. So, keep it up girl. Best to you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Forgive me, doctor, But I don’t always take my disease modifying medication as prescribed. A shot every other day? Well then I won’t kill me if it waits another day, right?

    Understanding for a conversation, I often find a chair and sit down and act like my shoe was untied. This isn’t cover up the fact that my legs were tired from standing, it’s just easier to control my bladder while sitting.

    Despite an MS- compromised bladder, I haven’t stopped over indulging on coffee in the morning and the afternoon, and I have no problem going for the tall beer at the restaurant or bar. I can drink both while I’m sitting down. Again, easier to control the bladder.

    1. Dan,
      Well taken advice about the bladder. When I stand there better be a clear path to the potty as my bladder has a short fuse!
      I’ve done the med thing as well, figuring it’s not a life-or-death medication here.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. You described all the different feelings so well! We do not feel positive all the time, after all we have MS lol. I am too tired to exercise, always dont feel like taking a shower but do feel hubs would get tired of the smell lol. I can wall walk too!

    1. Kim,
      Hubs is a very understanding gentleman!
      Thanks for adding to the discussion. Always good to hear from you.

  4. Thanks for the confession Sock. We all need to think about where we stand (no pun intended) with our lives and disease. You’re a positive influence to all of us with MS. MS Sucks, but life goes on. Thank you for all you do!