Under Pressure

Under Pressure


Can you feel it?


EVERYONE knows how temperature affects your multiple sclerosis but have you ever given a thought about barometric pressure?

Sure you’ve heard the “weather-heads” on the news talk about barometric pressure.

Do you know what it means?


Barometric pressure, or atmospheric pressure, is the force exerted against a surface by the weight of the air above the surface.

In other words, the pressure exerted by the Earth’s atmosphere at any given point, with a normal standard of 29.92 inches or 1013.3 millibars of mercury.

There does that help?

Hell no!!!

How did I go from THIS (left) to THAT (right)?



All you know is you have woken up to feel as though you are moving through a carnival fun house.  

Stuttered steps.  Balance issues.  Muddy mind. 

All over “blahs.”



Must be a reason, huh?


Seeking a reason for your “fuddyness, you click through a memorized, routine checklist…

Is it MS?

Did I take my meds?

What did I eat?

Did I exercise?  Stretch?

Did I do too much…or too little?

And the list goes on and on.

Turns out you are doing everything right—but the barometric pressure is bouncing around like a lottery ping-pong ball.

Happened to me just this morning.

Here in Ohio, we have gone from below-zero temps & snow…to 50 degree weather & rain in just two days.

That’s a drastic up & down of the barometer!  A change in pressure similar to that of a belt around Al Roker’s waist.

So I am all discombobulated (had to Google the spelling) and it is no fault of mine!


What can you do about a change in barometric pressure?

Absolutely nothing.  At best all you can do is simply keep working, fighting, stretching and moving.

Keep yourself occupied & active.

Because if your weather is anything like here in Ohio, it will change again in a matter of days.

Be well my friend.




6 Replies to “Under Pressure”

  1. I notice the barometric change!! It effects my MS. Causing my quality of stumbling to change!! 🤣😳😂

    1. Tina,
      I’ll mark you with a “yes.” You will never lose your grace!
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Have you bugged my house? lol Those are all the questions I constantly think! I decided it must be MS on those days. We have been 65 in GA this week after we were 15 last week. Thanks for this info!!!

    1. Kim,
      See, you are NOT alone. Who would have thought a barometer could bugger up our day!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Wow.. that does explain yesterday. I’m also in GA. Couldn’t get out of bed, stumbled around all day, too. Thanks for the explanation!

    1. Judy,
      Hmm, maybe it’s a Georgia thing? Nah, it happens to all of us. Thanks for reading & commenting!