Having The Big O

Having The Big O



After years of abstinence, I must confess I succumbed to temptation.

Primal urge too strong to resist.

The setting was bright.  And sterile.  But I didn’t care.

My mind was made up.  My heart swollen with desire.

Today I would be having the big O.  



Wait, what were you thinking, you filthy animal?

It has been almost nine years since my last dose of a DMT.  So with the introduction of Ocrevus, I decided to hop aboard the party bus and join the fun.

Ocrevus is the first med designed for progressive forms of multiple sclerosis.

Over the years I have tried Avonex, Copaxone and Rebif but they did nothing to slow the progression of my dreaded ick.

Ocrevus shows promising results though and is infused every six months so I thought why not give it a shot (No pun intended).

My maiden voyage with Ocrevus (as is every patient) begins with two half-doses.  I received a half-dose in my first visit and will return for another half-dose in two weeks.  This procedure checks a patient’s tolerability for the medication.

If everything is hunky-dorey, a full dose will then be given every six months thereafter.

This is pretty boring so far…mind if I revert back to my flunky romance-novel type writing?


The needle plunged deeply into my forearm.  Yes, we two were now one.

Drink up my tender one.


The IV pole held two delicious potions.

Ocrevus on the left and what I presume was Vodka or Gin on the right.  Each as intoxicating as the other.

Eventually valves were opened.  Liquids flowed.

And I reclined for what would be a three-hour session.

Desire overplayed stamina.


All right, this is almost too much.


How fast do you want it?


Drip by slow, wet drip.

A guide hung from the IV detailing the increasing intensity.

Every thirty minutes the ferocity was advanced.  Could rapture ever cease?


Dial me up, I can wait no longer.


For what began at a slow, tantalizing 30ml per hour would be multiplied six-fold by the mind-blowing end.

It was a race of gravity teasingly sharing healing juices to me, the willing partner.


How was it for you?



I was submissive to Ocrevus’ temptuous power.

Seizing upon deep reserves, I could only feign my satisfaction with a “thumbs up,”


Ok that’s enough, Romeo.  Danielle Steele you ain’t.  That was more like “Fifty Shades of Grundge.”


My first experience with Ocrevus went well.  Apart from a little fatigue (long day). the new med was well tolerated.  I am looking forward to my next infusion in a couple weeks, followed by a full dose in six months.

Whatever you do to slay the MS monster, keep up.  Stay positive.  And keep moving.  Move what you can as often as you can.

Lastly, NEVER read a romance novel written by My Odd Sock.

Ocrevus does NOT make one look like this.



If THIS is desire—God help us!









12 Replies to “Having The Big O”

  1. I hate to say it, but I was riveted to my seat, reading this post Doug, most excitement in a long time. Lol. I too have endured my first 2 half doses without any problems. Going for the full dose in February. I also have been on every med our there for MS to no avail. I hope Ocrevus will be the answer, but won’t hold my breath. I only hope it helps, if even only a little bit. I’ll keep moving and praying for all of us ❤

  2. I am scheduled for my first full dose of “the Big O” on January 10th. Had my first 2 half doses earlier this year. No bad side effects…some small improvements!! 👍👍

    1. Tina,
      You are well ahead of the game! We will be infusing together on Jan 10th as I get my 2nd half dose the same day. Here’s to healthy veins!

  3. I’ve already had my starting dose. Jan 24 I get my first full dose. It has changed my life. I’m able to do more. Things I haven’t been able to do in yrs. I’ve been on rebif copaxone n tysabri. Ocrevus is great. I hope my next 6 months goes just as good.

    1. Sherry,
      Wow, your comment gives me hope! Haven’t much good to say about other meds, which is why I haven’t partaken for so long. Here’s to the O! Thank you so much for commenting!

  4. I too am a member of the “Big O Club”!! Had my initiation back in October. Copaxone and Tysabri were a bust. Unfortunately my Infusion Center did not serve Vodka or Gin. All I got was a crappy bag of saline! Hoping Ocrevus is the winning ticket! #msstrong

    1. Saline is good for contact lens wearers.
      Dang, girl everyone’s on this med! Wish I had stock! Thanks for your comment & best to you in your fight!

  5. My what a romance novel lol So glad you have a med to try! It has taken forever for the progressive. I hope and pray for good results. I used to take IVs for 4 hours, bad memory of ACTH