I Can’t Wear Pants!

I Can’t Wear Pants!


Fashion advice from me?


Fall is my favorite season.

Leaves & their vibrant colors are beauty in nature.

While the dip in temperature makes my body feel alive.

Unfortunately the thermometer is dipping so much it will soon dreadfully change the way I dress.


You see I prefer to wear shorts.  My season of shorts is as long as baseball…April till November.

Shorts allow freedom of movement.  Unencumbered by stiches & seams.  My battered & hairy knees faacing the world and frightening young children.

But soon I will be forced to..to..to WEAR PANTS!

I can’t.  I mustn’t.  I must fight with all my being.

Heavy-ass, draggy feet.


As one with multiple sclerosis, pants…the mere thought of my already heavy legs, bound & gagged.  

Confined to legging cloths.

Fashion shackles.

Makes me want to retch.

I honestly dread sliding my legs into a pair of pants.

Walking with MS is hard enough as it is.  Pants are just another ratchet-up on the difficulty scale.

Levi never had MS!



Jeans are great if you are a ranch-hand, but my calf-roping days are long past.


That’s what jeans feel like!



Jeans make me feel as though I am wearing a suit of armor.  So heavy!

Unless I will be spending time outdoors, my jeans remain folded in a drawer.



Sweatpants are how I usually roll November through March.

Not even the cotton-fluffy ones either.  (Too hot)

I prefer the nylon pants.  Thin as possible.

Giving my MS-laden legs as much freedom as they can patriotically use.

They say “Dress for success.”  I say “Dress for walking success.”


Tie your shoe, dude!



Time to get dressed now.

It is going to be near 60 degrees today.

Shorts weather for sure!






4 Replies to “I Can’t Wear Pants!”

  1. At least we are on the same clothing schedule. Sweats, shorts, and sometimes just a big shirt and underwear ( at home only of course) I have some much problems with heavy legs too. But oddsock no matter how we dress we gotta keep on keeping on!

  2. Joanne,
    Big shirt & underwear…starting a new fashion trend here.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Doug: great post, totally agree. You missed the clear bene of shorts/sweats: speed in dropping when using toilet!

  4. Dave,
    Good point. Speed is everything in auto racing AND toileting.
    Thanks for checking in!