Destination: Halloween City

Destination: Halloween City

What was once a vacant, big-box store comes alive each October.  Filled wall-to-wall with costumes, cloaks, masks & make-up.

It’s your temporary store dedicated to Halloween.  And every community seems to have one.

Hey this used to be Staples!



Mine is “Halloween City.”  Squatting in a former Staples Super Store.

Oh don’t mind the dirty floor, it just adds to the creepiness of the season!


Come along & let’s find out what’s inside shall we…..


I modeled for half of these!



Here’s a big display of rubber wounds, scars & bloody gouges in case you want to dress as an accident victim who was texting while driving.

(Actually looks like my face after shaving.)



What’s going on here?



The store had lots of spurs, whips & chains.

Is this Halloween City or an adult sex shop?



Syrup makes this costume too messy.


Dressing as a favorite breakfast item must be popular as the store had costumes for eggs, bacon, even waffles.

Me:  “Pardon, do you have something in an oatmeal?”

Clerk:  (Looks at me like “Really?”)



Noisy costume.



The other end was covered as well.

Here’s the “Makin’ Whoopee” Whoopee Cushion.



Only available in brown, of course.


And for super-hero enthusiasts, why not dress as Captain Poop.

Host:  “Welcome to the party, Captain.  Grab a drink & have a sea…how ’bout you stand?”




Wendy’s brother?



Found this wig if you want to be the Mad Hatter…or your favorite prop comedian, Carrot Top.



What the hell?



Not sure what this spill on the floor could be.

Spooky though.




Politics and current events are a popular theme every Halloween, and this store has you covered.

I found a Trump wig & a red ball cap, but the empty hook next to them was a sign the Trump mask is a popular seller.

Needs the red hat.



No Trump mask, but they did have a costume of the Trump supporter.







The Obama mask was scary looking.



Putin or Gomez from “The Adams Family.”




Same for Vlad Putim.

Neither mask really looked like the person.



Not hard to match that one.



They call it the “old man’s wig,” but it sure looks like Bernie Sanders/Larry David to me.

Looks pretty realistic.



Don’t look her in the eye.



As did the Kellyanne Conway.



Need some Proactiv.




Another spot on was the Steve Bannon Complexion Kit.



And finally…..

Easy-to-open fly.



Here is the soon-to-be Harvey Weinstein costume.



However you dress for Halloween, have fun and be safe.


2 Replies to “Destination: Halloween City”

  1. LOL I do not get wanting to look like an accident victim costume either. These masks make me wonder if anyone would know who you were?? We do have a Halloween store here too. I enjoyed your store, funny

  2. Kim,
    We have MS, we already have wounds like that. I have scrapes, cuts, bruises & contusions that would make a Hollywood make-up artist gag!
    Check out your local store it makes for a fun visit!
    Thanks for your message.