MS: How Much Do You Know?

MS: How Much Do You Know?


A test? Really?

So you are patting yourself on the back for your knowledge of multiple sclerosis, huh?

You have read the research.

Visited the websites.

Books, journals, studys, ect ect.

You know so much about multiple sclerosis YOU should be wearing a white coat.


But before we start calling you “Doc”, it’s time to test your noodle by taking My Odd Sock’s “MS: How Much Do You Know?” brain teaser.

Sharpen your number two and let’s get started…..


An exercise program popular with MSers is?



-Water Aerobics


-Muscle spasms




Which is greater?

Him again?


-The number of approved medications for multiple sclerosis.

-The number of MRIs you’ve had since diagnosis.

-The number of tv shows hosted by Steve Harvey.



True or False:


Let’s eat!


The nine-hole peg test is available in the gift shop at Cracker Barrel.




A common misconception of multiple sclerosis is:


Freakin another one?

-All MSers end up in a wheelchair.

-MS is contagious.

-MSers get more big blue coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond.



Friends admire:


It’s over there.

-your courage.

-your resilience.

-Your ability to know the whereabouts of every public restroom.



Stem cells are:


I’ll take seconds.

-regular cells with long skinny necks.

-sold over-the-counter at Wahlgreens.

-Like broccoli stalks–we don’t like’em unless smothered in melty cheese.



True or False:

Money Money Money.


A person with MS meets their healthcare deductible with the first couple months of the year.




What is easier to find?


Over there!

-A cure for MS.

-A disabled parking spot.



Having multiple sclerosis, my diet:


Garden hose please.

-is gluten & preservative free.

-is low in fat & red meats.

-usually ends up on my shirt, lap or the floor.





Finish the sentence. ¬†“MS…..”


Very true.

-has opened my life to new challenges.

-made me realize my full potential.




On second thought, maybe it’s better if you stuck with the journals. ¬†Nothing but pure nonsense here.

Keep moving & keep fighting.






2 Replies to “MS: How Much Do You Know?”

  1. Lol yes Steve again! I get too much exercise from muscle spasms then. Lol. I was so happy to not park in a handicap parking spot since I have tiny Smart car now. Weird but a freedom? Yes MS sucks!