Warning: Graphic Violence

Warning: Graphic Violence

One of my very favorite My Odd Sock’s (I’m weird that way).  Please enjoy…and beware of eye strain.

Warning signs

While many concern themselves with the amount of violence on television, movies and video games…..I say “Phooey!”

The violence found in today’s media & popular culture is nothing when compared to the violence found on warning labels seen throughout our homes.


That's my picking finger!

Oh my God!  Severed fingers galore!

Be careful and count your digits!

Who is mowing...Wyatt Earp?

But fingers aren’t the only appendages in danger.

Feet are also in jeopardy.

(By the way, who wear cowboy boots when they mow?  I’m just sayin.)

Have any dipping sauce?

Not terrified of sharp objects?  No prob.

Fear the flame that waits to sear your skin.

Pull your hand away.  I smell something burning.

Better grab some aloe, my friend.

Too bad not a groin shot. Coulda won ten grand!

Scram Jason!

And Freddy Kruger?  You’re a pussy when it comes to the violence found on common warning labels.

See ya next fall.

Severed limbs.


Burns & falls.

Who thinks this stuff up?

This macabre stuff would make Stephen King dampen his Dockers!

And it gets worse!  No one can escape the violence!

 Oops, sorry Jimmy! There goes soccer season.

 A kid gets run over by the mower and loses a foot in the process.

(At least the lawn looks nice.)

Ouch! Watch the splinters!

Daniel Boone just had a horrific log splitter accident.

Better get a Band-Aid.

Better get a new stocking for Santa.

Even Santa Claus gets his leg caught in the auger of his snowblower.

Ho Ho Holy shit!


But quite possibly the most gruesome image of all is……………………………

They want me to what?

Oh sweet Jesus……someone to read the owners manual?

Are they kidding?

Take it away please.  The thought of a dude reading a manual is too much to bear!

Think I’m gonna spew!

See there.

Don’t be so concerned with the violence in today’s culture.

It’s really no big deal when you think about it.

Because you’ve probably seen worse….right in your own garage!


7 Replies to “Warning: Graphic Violence”

  1. We laugh, but there are some really stupid people out there who would attempt these actions. Then the lawsuits begin — and they’re even scarier.

  2. And don’t forget the bedroom…..Do not risk a FBI raid or possible jail time, by cutting off those tag thingy’s on your mattress and pillows…..

  3. So I’m at Big Apple Bagel, and I think everyone here things I’m crazy! Reading this post I laughed out loud non-stop 🙂 Absolutely hilarious!

  4. Muff,
    You are probably correct. Sad.

    I hope it’s a cute FBI agent!

    Don’t worry, word’s been out for a long time now–you ARE crazy!

  5. This is too funny! The image of being run over is pretty graphic….,I don’t remember this post even though I commented on it lol