A Clean Slate

A Clean Slate


Use a wipe.

A clean slate.

A do-over.

Fresh start.

Another shot.

Mulligan (I ask for many in golf).

Whatever you call them, everyone gets’em–and they come in darn handy!


You can enjoy a clean slate at work, school, meetings, church, gym, at home, anywhere.

A chance to regroup, collect your thoughts & pull up your britches before diving in.

Having multiple sclerosis, I welcome a clean slate.


If you have MS, you know the feeling.

Laundry list of everything but laundry!

Today, you don’t have it.  Feel like crap.

Dog-tired to the point it is difficult to hold your head up.

Balance is way off.  Maybe even a fall.

Your back, your butt, your legs–everything hurts–for no apparent reason.

Your skin crawls as though you are covered in spiders (And you hate spiders).

Your feet work as clunky as your hands.

How can one’s hair hurt?

And did you mention your balance is off?  Oh right, you did already.  Memory sucks too.

Today, MS may have beaten you like a rug.

But know what?  Keep in mind–tomorrow is a new day.


Tomorrow is another shot.

Tomorrow is a clean slate.

A chance for you to make amends.  To take a stand against your MS…and give it what you got.

Work those tired limbs.  Stretch them.  Move.

Be proactive to what is right for yourself.  You know what to do.

Do something positive to make yourself feel better.

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Compliment them.  Making someone else feel better will make YOU feel better.

Work your mind.  Do a puzzle.  Read a book.  Do anything to blow the cobwebs off your brain.

If you fail to use it…..your mind, your body, whatever…..MS will slowly creep in & steal it from you.  That’s a guarantee.

You are lucky to get a clean slate everyday, so use it to make the most of your ability.

It is not difficult, or even challenging.

But the rewards are well worthwhile.  And that too is a guarantee.

Get started now.

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  1. Thank you Shannon! Just ordered more humor from Amazon. Thanks for spending some time on My Odd Sock & sharing your comments. Much needed!