Know Your Knock-offs

Know Your Knock-offs


Can you pick’em?

You gotta love knock-off brands.  You can save money and you really don’t notice the difference in taste.  (Well, not too much.)

Knock-offs are sly as they package their goods using similar color schemes as the original.

And because product names are copyrighted, knock-offs must cleverly use titles that closely mock the true brand.


How good are you at picking the original?

In this knock-off cereal challenge, I’ll show you the knock-off product and give you four possible names.  Your task is to pick the original.

Let’s begin…..


Apple Wheels

Delicious & tire-like.

Is the real product called…

A)  Apple Jinx

B)  Apple Jerks

C)  Apple Jills

D)  Apple Jacks




Cookie Chippers

A bowl of cookies?

Is the real cereal called…

A)  Cookie Crud

B)  Cookie Crust

C)  Cookies For Breakfast?

D)  Cookie Crisp




Fruity Burst

Exploding fruit.

Is the real name…

A)  Trucks

B)  Tracks

C)  Trekkies

D)  Trix




Cocoa Bursts

Exploding chocolate!

Is the real product…

A)  Cocoa Musket Balls

B)  Cocoa Poofs

C)  Chocolate Ball Bearings

D)  Cocoa Puffs




Fruit Whirls

Fruit of the round.

Is the real cereal…

A)  Fruit Circles

B)  Fruit Spheres

C)  Fruit Not Squares

D)  Fruit Loops




Cinnamon Toast Bites

Everyone loves cinnamon toast!

Is the real name…

A)  Cinnamon Cardboard Squares

B)  Cinnamon Wood Chips

C)  Spiced Melba Toasts

D)  Cinnamon Toast Crunch




Cravin Crunch

Sea-worthy cereal.

Even the knock-off brand scrapes a layer of skin from the roof of your mouth!

Is the real product…

A)  Corporal Crunch

B)  Colonel Crunch

C)  Dishonorably Discharged Crunch

D)  Cap’n Crunch


and finally…

Magic Shapes

Magically delicious.

Is the real cereal…

A)  Lucky Leprechauns

B)  Lucky Diabetes Bites

C)  Ireland’s Embarrassment

D)  Lucky Charms




So how’d you do before you got bored & dozed off?

If you answered “D” to any & all questions, you are correct!

Congrats for reading and taking the Knock-off challenge.

Keep shopping everyone.


3 Replies to “Know Your Knock-offs”

  1. To quote “Tony the Tiger” ……….”This blog is Gr-r-reat!!!”.

    Is Tony the advertising cartoon mascot for……

    A) Kellogg’s Funky Flakes
    B) Kellogg’s Freaky Flakes
    C) Kellogg’s Funny Flakes
    D) Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

  2. I loved Chocolate Ball Bearings when I was a kid! Haven’t eaten solid foods since I was seven, but I loved them. Funny piece, Doug!

  3. Dave,
    Thanks for the ups! I love them all…I’m like a serious cerealer. Yeah, you gotta let Cocoa Puffs soak up the milk a little bit—but not too much.

    Thank you for the compliment. The answer is D…(way too easy!).