The F-Word

The F-Word


Oh my!

The f-word.

It’s offensive.



Who knew when you were knighted with the dubious distinction of having multiple sclerosis, the f-word would become a prominent part of your vocabulary.

Everything seemingly revolves around the f-word.

Er, wait.  Before I go any further, let’s be sure we are on the same page.

It’s a bad word.


The f-word I am referring to is…fatigue.

Who knows what YOU were thinking about.

Fatigue is a nasty-ass seven-letter word that is crude & cruel to anyone with MS.

It ruins days, evenings, good times, quiet times, any time.


How often do you find yourself unable to move?  Like living in a room full of molasses.  Your chin resting on your chest.

If I’m not slumped in a chair, I am flat-out on the floor, feet-up, watching my family step over me as they continue on with their activities.


This time of year is worse for fatigue.

The summer’s heat & humidity take it out of me as if someone pulled the plug in the bathtub.



Even within the comforts of air-conditioning, my MS-laden body seems to react to the outside weather conditions.

It’s really weird!



What to do about the f-word & its other known identities?


Everyone has their own coping mechanism.

Guess they make medications to battle fatigue, but who wants to take another pill.

Another one?

I have found the more I give in to fatigue, ie resting, naps, sitting around, the worse I feel.

Lethargic.  Stiff.  Moody.

But with light exercise…stretching, simple movement…fatigue seems to rescind a bit & release its grip.


Posture improves.  Breathing deepens.  The mind clears.  Energy restores.

Been there.


Funny how one must burn a little energy to get a little energy in return.

But it’s true.

Try hard not to give in to the f-word, fatigue.

Remember, it can be managed.



That way we can save the real f-word to use for our disease.

Keep moving.









6 Replies to “The F-Word”

  1. It sort of feels like someone poured cement in me and yet expects me to move. I don’t have a definite diagnosis yet. Dr. have been treating me for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, arthritis,etc. Recently my whole left side has become so weak and hard to lift, arm and leg. Anyway, thank you for writing your blog. It is very informative and very helpful.

  2. Tina,
    Thanks for reading!

    So sorry to hear of your struggles. I hope you find a dx soon.
    Thank you for your kind words, but as for My Odd Sock being “informative & helpful”…are you sure you were reading this blog?

  3. I wake up tired! I get really annoyed when an “able bodied person” tells me how tired they are. It’s not worth getting in an argument with them. They will NEVER understand the true meaning of the “F word”. I am allergic to heat. That is the reason I keep my house cold, and understand I will always be prepared for a high electric bill. I rarely leave the house, except for necessities like a Dr. Appointment. When I return, sometimes I am so weak I can barely drive my power chair up my ramp into the house, and feel like I am going to keel over and die. If I move any slower, I’d be standing still.

  4. I like your stories with the F word….when your family steps over you lol. I am so dense I am still trying to figure out why I am so tired. I finally did decide it was the heat?? after almost 40 years with MS. I love my a/c. Yes exercise does help weirdly