Award Whining

Award Whining

It’s about time.

Nominations for the EMMY Awards were announced this week and like most awards, My Odd Sock was snubbed once again.

(I can’t even win a scratch-off lottery tix.)

But lo & behold about a month ago, I received an email from the founder of “Feedspot” saying My Odd Sock had been selected as one of the “Top 100 Funny Blogs” on the web.


Legit or not (probably not as you can’t trust anything on the internet), My Odd Sock came in at number #76.

It ranks alright.


My Odd Sock finished just ahead of “Indian Humor Blog” at #77.

And well ahead of “Math Jokes” at #95.

(If you don’t think math is funny, you should have seen my grades in calculus)


Making it official.



Feedspot even awarded this enduring badge to prove my coveted title.

(The legacy will thrive for generations.)


See the list of whiners for yourself by visiting:


I am certain this honor will open doors to opportunities I’ve only dreamed about.

I’ll be hob-knobbing with the Internet elite.

Maybe I’ll even meet the rich Nigerian prince who emails me from time to time.

Yes, things are beginning to happen at My Odd Sock.

Soon in the future, ou will be able to tell your children & grandchildren you knew My Odd Sock when it was just a lowly website telling a few stale jokes.

Yes, things are looking up.




11 Replies to “Award Whining”

  1. “Feedspot” sounds like a place where barn animals go to eat. 🙂 Congrats on the recognition! You rank #1 in my book!

  2. Awww shucks, Margaret. I’m blushing…no wait, it’s a food allergy.
    Thank you always!

  3. Your mind is as messed up as yours and I say that with respect. Keep writing to keep us “short bus riders” Smiling ❤

  4. Sorry, our minds are both messed up. I didnt word it right but “it’s just the MS”

  5. Super congratulations! Well deserved! And I love the look of the new site! Please keep on keeping us laughing My Odd Sock friend! (PS- Man, you’ve turned me into one of those people- the ones who put exclamation points on everything!)

  6. Dan & Jen,
    Thank you for your kind words & all the work you do for our cause!
    Two special people!