Your Own Doc

Your Own Doc



Is this E.R.?


Looking ahead at the calendar reminds me I am three months away from my next appointment with the MS doctor.

She sees me every six months with each visit lasting between 45 minutes to an hour in length.

The twice-a-year visits seem to be the standard among those of us with multiple sclerosis.




So for roughly two hours a year, you are face-to-face with a medical professional.

But I ask…..What do you do with the remainder of your time?

That is when YOU…must become your OWN doctor.


You:   Hi doc.

You:   Terri, how are you doing?  Any problems with the MS?

You:   Well, doc, my balance has been off.  And I’m really stiff.

You:   Have you been keeping active?

You:   Not so much.

You:   Uh hm.  How’s your energy?

You:   Kind of draggy.  I’ve been eating lots of junk lately, so maybe…

You:   Uh hm.  And how are you doing with your meds?

You:   Well, I kinda forget once in a while.

You:   Uh hm.


My point is, YOU are in charge of your health.

You must take control of every minute of every day.  You must be your own doctor between appointments.


Can you follow this?



MS is relentless.  MS doesn’t take a day off, not even an hour.

So you must be persistent in your fight against it.

We can all do better.  We can all make better choices.

I’m not saying to make huge sacrifices–just smarter ones.

As your own doctor, you know when you should move more.

Or when you should slow down.

You know when you should avoid the heat.

Or go to the bathroom before it is too late.

You know what you should eat.  And what to avoid.

You know what to think.  Those dark thoughts only drag you lower.


My head is more pointed.


Empower yourself.

Hold that noggin up.

Throw your shoulders back.

Be wise.  Be open to change.

Your body will tell you what it wants.  What it needs.

YOU are as smart as any doctor when it comes to knowing YOU.  (And you didn’t have to spend $100G’s on a medical degree.)



So what are you gonna do till your next appointment?

I have three months to give MS hell.

I hope you plan to do the same.






6 Replies to “Your Own Doc”

  1. ❤❤❤ I think it’s the same for all of us! Even my doctor says that I know me better than anyone else!!!

  2. Your doctor is one smart cookie…and so are you!
    Do what’s right at all times.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes you are fortunate to get that much time with your doc twice a year. Combined may be an hour? Oh well I have been playing a dr for a looong time. Exercise is the hardest advice I have for myself!

  4. Kim,
    Doctors are very generous with their time at the Cleveland Clinic–and for that I am thankful!
    Not just exercise, there is so much we can do for ourselves to improve our body & our mind.
    Keep fighting. Thanks so much for visiting!

  5. When I go to make my follow-up appointment, the Dr. tells the nurse to tell the front desk I need a “new patient” slot, so I get a longer appointment than the “established” allotted time. That is the secret to get more appointment time with your Dr.

  6. Margaret,
    That is brilliant! Never given that a thought.
    You are awarded the My Odd Sock “Gold Star” of the day.
    Thank you for reading & sharing your cool bit of knowledge!