MS Goes To The Movies

MS Goes To The Movies

Let’s cool off in a movie theater watching some MS-related flicks…


film background  

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Hollywood was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

My Odd Sock believes our favorite movies would be quite different.

Roll’em and let’s see how…….    



“Officer And A Gentleman With Leg Spasms”


“Memory Is Gone With The Wind”


This website is rated for idiots.
This website is rated for idiots.

“Wizard Of Odd Sensations”


“Blade Walker”


“Band Of Bladders”


“A Shot In The Thigh”


Financing is available.
Financing is available.


“The Blind Side Of Optic Neuropathy”


“Absence of Myelin”


“Les Miserable”


“The Interferon Hangover”


“Schindler’s Limp”

Angioplasty extra.
Angioplasty extra.



“This Is Spinal Tap”  (No Name Change Needed)


“Snow White And The Seven Neurologists”


“Full Metal Cooling Jacket”


“A Hard Day’s Night Not Sleeping”


“A Fistful of Medicare Dollars”

    Movie Ticket

“Singin In The Pain”


“Close Encounters Of The MRI Kind”


“My Left Foot Drags”


“Silence Of The Limbs”


“Baclofen To The Future”


“The Social Security Network”


I can hardly wait.
I can hardly wait.




“When Harry Met Soli (Solumedrol)”




and finally


“Forrest Gimp”


Do you have any MS films to add to the marquee?  

Premiere them to My Odd Sock in a red-carpet comment.

Till then, we’ll see you at the movies! sock                                  

6 Replies to “MS Goes To The Movies”

  1. Ms. Cranky,

    Good ones. I like’em!
    Now if I could stay awake long enough to watch a friggin movie!!!

  2. Kim,
    So glad you enjoyed. You didn’t even have to pay the $10 for a box of Good N’ Plenty!

  3. Love these!! And any one of them sounds way better than the lousy movie offerings lately. Makes a girl want to stay home and binge watch Dirty Dancing- over and over….