What Gives?

What Gives?


I'm still learning.
I’m still learning.


What Gives?

That’s what I wanna know.

One would think with over 20 years of experience, a person might know something.

After twenty years of marriage, you are pretty familiar with your partner.

Twenty years on the job?  It’s safe to say you know your way around the shop.


But after twenty years of having multiple sclerosis (21 to be exact), I realize I know doodly-squat.


I write this, hoping maybe, you’ll admit knowing doodly-squat about your MS as well.


What gives?…when you are fine one morning, but you are all funky the next?

The legs don’t want to move.

Maybe your fingers stumble through manuevers like the hands are in jello-salad.

Or your eyes are jumpy.

Muscles twitch.

And tighten.

Small bills please.
Small bills please.

At least the bladder remains active.

So OVER-active, my tree-trunk legs can’t move fast enough to get me into the potty in time.

It’s like your real body has been kidnapped, replaced with a lethargic version, while you wait for the ransom note.




What Gives?…you ask yourself in search for clues & causes before going through a lengthy checklist that rivals the pre-flight of a major airline.

Is it the weather?  Too hot?  Too cold?

Did I sleep well enough?  Sleep too much?

Have I exercised?  Or stretched?

Am I due for spasticity pills?

Is it rainy?  Or sunny?

Is it these shoes?  How ’bout these pants?

Damn grafitti.
Damn grafitti.


Did I do too much?

Have I been sitting too long?

Was it what I ate?

Have I been drinking enough?  (Water, of course)

Is it a flare?  How long has it lasted?

Am I nit-picking?

Am I going crazy?


Now we're getting somewhere.
Now we’re getting somewhere.



What gives?

So I decided to Google it.

Figuring Google will have the answer I need.




THAT I know!
THAT I know!



There I see nothing beneficial, except for the option “what gives you gas.”


That’s easy…I’m a 53 year-old male…EVERYTHING gives me gas.


That sums up my twenty year experience with MS.

I’m still asking “What Gives?” because I know doodly-squat.

How much do you know?






6 Replies to “What Gives?”

  1. Joanne,
    Just great…you give me so much to look forward to!
    Many thanks for your comment.

  2. 37 years for me too and I think I know MS pretty well since I almost grew up with it. I say those same questions almost daily. I wonder why I feel so bad? Is it the weather? If I ate better? Am I really hot when I feel like I am freezing? Finally I think it must be the MS!

  3. C’mon Kim, I was hoping you’d have this MS thing figured out by now. I have many many questions!