Odds & Evens

Odds & Evens


Mostly odd, I guessing.
Mostly odd, I guessing.


My Odd Sock works hard to be your agent of the absurd, proctor of the pointless & steward of the stupid.

And this quick post certainly lives up to my low standards.

Here are a couple of items, I’m hopeful will leave you with a weekend smile.




Attention Editor:  A re-wording of this headline MAY be neccessary…..


Though its growing on me
Though its growing on me











The words “Boner” and “endowment” shouldn’t be in the same sentence!



          *          *          *          *          *


And, as we all know it’s tax time.

Here is Form 1040V direct from the IRS…..


Legal mumbo-jumbo.
Legal mumbo-jumbo.







Careful reading and you’ll find this important reminder…..



How many zero's?
How many zero’s?


“Damn, what am I gonna do now?

               *reading further*

“Oh okay, I can write TWO checks for $50 mill each.  No prob.


I’m glad the IRS made that clear.

Now YOU know.


Have a tremendous weekend!




3 Replies to “Odds & Evens”

  1. I worked for the State of Florida for almost 32 years. One of the “oddest” policies we had in one of the department’s where I worked was “penalty of non- disregard”. I always thought that sounded like a “double negative”. #governmentmumbojumbo #springforward

  2. Margaret,
    Wow, one would need a government muckity-muck just to explain what that means!
    That IS odd!
    Thanks for sharing.